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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 537 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 537 Start

Soon, Honor drove Warnia out of the house and went straight to the suburban SanityLab Hospital.

At this moment, in the SanityLab Hospital, the nurse just fed Wu Qi who was crazy.

After feeding him, wiping his mouth, rinsing his mouth, and washing his stomach, Wu Qi can be considered as regaining consciousness, lying on the hospital bed with his hands and feet tied, his face is unlovable.

Several nurses resisted the nausea and walked from the inside of the intensive care unit to the family rest room outside with the filthy thing washed out of his stomach.

Wu Qi’s father Regnar and his brother Roger sat on the sofa with no expressions.

After the nurse came out, she respectfully said to them: “Mr. Wu, the patient has regained consciousness.”

Regnar asked coldly: “Is the stomach lavage finished?”

The nurse nodded and whispered: “It’s finished!”

“Yeah.” Regnar asked again: “The stuff you are feeding this time has been disinfected?”

The nurse hurriedly said: “It has been sterilized. We put it in a pressure cooker for high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Although the smell cannot be eliminated, it can be confirmed that there are no bacteria or viruses in it…”

Now, Wu Qi’s iron rule of “supplements” every hour has remained the same.

Regnar didn’t dare to stop him. After all, he would die after a minute. He was really afraid that something would happen to his son.

Therefore, he discussed with his medical experts and came up with a temporary solution, which is to put the “supplement” for Wu Qi in a pressure cooker for half an hour in advance, so that at least it won’t be “infested” and make him sick.

This is the only buffer they can do at this stage.

Regnar glanced at a few nurses, waved his hand sullenly, and said, “Okay, you can go out. Remember to prepare the next meal in advance.”

The nurse nodded and said, “Eight meals tonight have been prepared in advance, and each one will be autoclaved and sterilized in advance, and then placed at room temperature for the patient. You rest assured.”

Regnar suddenly felt a strong nausea, waved his hand and said, “Okay, go now.”

After the nurses went out, Roger whispered to Regnar: “Dad, it’s not a problem that it’s always like this! He eats sh!t every hour. If this spreads out, what would happen the Wu family’s face? “

Regnar asked, “What should I do? You can’t watch your brother die, right?”

Roger said hurriedly: “I didn’t mean that. I wanted to say, or let’s take Wu Qi back to Suzhou. It’s not a way to stay here. Go back to our own home and use our own doctors and nurses. Be more assured than they are tight-lipped.”

Regnar said: “It’s okay to let your brother go back, we can’t leave yet.”

“Why?” Roger asked in surprise: “What else can we do here?”

Regnar said: “I suspect that your brother had this problem suddenly. It is definitely not accidental. There must be some clue behind that we haven’t found out yet. So I plan to stay in Aurous Hill for a while and make a good investigation. You have to stay with me.”

Roger nodded when he heard this, and said, “Okay, dad, I will stay with you.”

Regnar hummed and said, “In this case, let our doctor go home with your brother first tomorrow morning.”

After speaking, he stood up and said: “Lets go in and see your brother.”

The father and son got up, pushed open the door of the ward inside, and a disgusting stench came over their faces.

Although the windows are open and the exhaust is open, the smell will really last for a while.