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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5360 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5360 Start

Mateo burst into tears when he heard this.

The first thought that flashed into his mind was excitement.

After all, Charlie is willing to let him go back to the United States, which means that he will not take his life, nor will he imprison him.

So he asked excitedly: “Can I?”

Seeing his excited appearance, Charlie couldn’t help laughing secretly.

In fact, he didn’t plan to kill Mateo, he just played tricks with Tianqi. Although he was indiscriminate, he was not guilty enough to deserve death.

What’s more, he handed over the medicine cauldron, although he was reluctant, but he was still willing to gamble and admit defeat.

In addition, he has some personal friendships with his grandmother. If he recognizes his grandmother in the future and talks about him as a friend, he will be killed by himself or imprisoned in the dog farm by himself, which is a bit unreasonable.

Moreover, I am currently employing people, so it would be great if an old Taoist who has been in North America for so many years and has the title of “Milo” in the upper class can be used himself.

Therefore, when he asked Mateo whether he wanted to return to the United States, it was just a small test.

He guessed that if Mateo was really a smart person, he would never immediately seize the opportunity to return to the United States at this time.


As soon as Mateo said “Can I?”, the next second, he suddenly felt wronged and wanted to die.

He couldn’t help but think to himself in his heart: “Dmn, I came all the way to find Charlie, hoping to get a powerful panacea to improve my strength, or to learn from Charlie to learn more. The powerful way of alchemy, I will look for opportunities to refine some powerful pills when I go back,”

“But who would have thought that this stealing chicken will not be a waste of rice, but if I don’t find it, I haven’t learned the alchemy technique, and instead gave the ancestral medicine cauldron to him. If I just leave like this, wouldn’t it be worse for me?”

However, he dared not say that, he just faltered and couldn’t explain why.

Charlie said with a smile at this time: “How about this, Milo, although you gave me this medicine cauldron voluntarily, but I don’t like to owe favors to others, why don’t I arrange a special plane for you today?”

“I will send you back to the United States in the afternoon, and you should tell your grandma in advance that you have other plans when you go back, so you won’t wait for them here.”

Knowing that Charlie wasn’t going to kill him, Mateo suddenly didn’t want to just leave So he can only say bitterly: “Master Wade, to tell you the truth, I have been concentrating on retreat for the next few years and have no time to take care of my work. The internal talents have withered and there is nothing to do, so I…”

Speaking of this, Mateo did not dare to express his intention to stay in Aurous Hill temporarily.

Charlie saw him for a long time, but there was no result, so he asked him with a smile: “Do you want to say that it is meaningless to go back, so you plan to stay in Aurous Hill for a while?” Mateo heard this.

He was overjoyed at the moment, and subconsciously slapped his thigh: “Master Wade is right! This is what I mean!”

After speaking, he looked at Charlie anxiously, waiting for his statement.

Charlie was not angry at this time, but smiled slightly, and said: “Master Hong, let me stroke it for you to see if this is right.”

Mateo hurriedly said: “Master Wade, please tell me!”

Charlie nodded and continued: “Look, the purpose of your coming to Aurous Hill is nothing more than to find out who made the two pills of Rejuvenation Pill and Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill,”

“And now you have succeeded. Now that you have found me, then your purpose of coming to Aurous Hill this time has already been achieved.”

Now that the purpose has been achieved, what are you doing here?”

Hearing Charlie’s irrefutable words, Mateo felt depressed. He was trembling a little, his lips were trembling all the time, and he wished that his teeth would start to collide involuntarily in the mouth.

Mateo naturally didn’t want to leave, but he didn’t know how to speak to Charlie at all.

After all, he was also afraid that Charlie would suddenly repent if he made progress, and if he killed himself again, wouldn’t it be a big loss?

At this moment, Charlie suddenly changed the topic: “By the way, Milo, how long have you stayed in the realm of eight-star warriors?”

Mateo said respectfully: “Master Wade…stay in the realm of lower eight-star warriors for a while. It’s been sixteen years…”

Charlie asked curiously: “Then how old are you this year?”

Mateo said: “Next year you will be sixty-two!”

Charlie said: “You have already reached the eight-star martial artist in your forties? It seems that your cultivation speed is very good!”

Mateo said with a sneer: “To tell you the truth, although my alchemy technique is shallow, but fortunately, the teacher has passed down a relatively complete set of martial arts mentality, compared to most A sect that doesn’t even have a complete mental method, naturally has greater potential.”

“Besides, there are some shining points in our superficial alchemy technique. Among our ancestors, there was also an alchemy master.”

“Everyone, I don’t know what method he used to refine a batch of panacea. This kind of medicine can strengthen the body and cure all diseases for ordinary people. Limited but better than nothing;”

“There were five pills when it was handed to me, but I claimed that there were only three pills. In fact, I ate other pills myself,”

“And the other pill was sold to a rich man a few years ago. It does have the effect of medicine to cure illnesses, so it has also given some fame to this life-extending pill.”

“The last pill is when your grandfather was seriously ill. I took it for him, but it may be your grandfather’s illness too heavy, so it didn’t have any effect.”

Charlie nodded slightly, although he hadn’t seen what kind of life-extending pill he had, but it was speculated that the medicine was more effective than his own Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving pill but worse than Huichundan.

So, he asked Mateo: “Master Hong, are you willing to serve me from today? If you are willing, I will naturally not treat you badly.”

As soon as Mateo heard this, he immediately said ecstatically: “I am willing! I am willing!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately knelt on the ground and said respectfully: “Master Wade, Mateo, I wish to follow you forever, Allegiance to you, if there is any betrayal, there will be a thunderbolt!”

At this time, Mateo has realized that Charlie’s strength is much stronger than his, and from this point alone, he is worth following.

What’s more, Charlie still has a more powerful elixir in his body, which may be five times or ten times more effective than his life-sustaining elixir.

Not only that, Charlie is also the grandson of the An family, and his background is also very strong.

So, no matter how he looks at it, Charlie is the strongest among the strong.

Mateo couldn’t help thinking to himself: “If I really want to be a dog’s leg, I have to be the dog’s leg of a real boss like Charlie.”

“With such a big man, I still worry that I can’t break through my cultivation?”

Seeing his pious attitude, Charlie slightly nodded his head, he said calmly: “Since you are willing, you will stay in Aurous Hill to listen to my orders.”

Mateo knelt on the ground and said excitedly: “This subordinate Mateo, for Master Wade, will follow everything!”

Charlie nodded and smiled, as he took out a blood-scattering and heart-saving pill from his pocket, handed it to him, and said lightly:

“You take this pill, go back to your temporary residence, take it, and refine the medicinal power.”

“In the final stage of your life, this elixir will definitely help you enter the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm!”