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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 534 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 534 Start

Orvel hurriedly asked, “Do you want me to kill Ichiro now? Then take another video for Jiro to see?”

Charlie replied: “You hide Ichiro, then find someone who can do special effects, shoot a headshot of Ichiro’s fake video and send it to Jiro to make sure he believes his brother is dead.”

Orvel asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, are you trying to save Ichiro’s life?”

Charlie said: “Yes, keeping Ichiro will be of great use in the future. Maybe someday I can get Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with him, and kill him for a billion. It’s too cheap for Jiro.”

Later, Charlie said again: “In addition, you don’t think about morality in this matter. After all, we and the Japanese have no morality to talk about. On the contrary, the more miserable they can be, the better!”

“I understand!” Orvel hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will arrange more manpower to protect Ichiro well!”


At this moment, the Song family mansion.

The large family of the Song family was eating at the restaurant and discussed about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Mr. Song Jimo, after seeing the news of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he said: “I always have a feeling that this incident of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical seems to be related to Mr. Wade.”

Warnia, who had just picked up a piece of broccoli, suddenly stopped, silently put the broccoli in a bowl, did not eat or speak.

On the side, her cousin Honor said: “Grandpa, I also feel this way. I heard that Masao Kobayashi of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals took a special medicine to cure the paralysis first, and then died suddenly. And I also heard that at the Aurous Hill traditional medicine Expo, Ichiro asked the genius doctor to have a prescription to treat hemiplegia. I speculate that the medicine that the genius doctor used to cure hemiplegia should be the medicine Charlie gave you.”

Grandpa Song said immediately: “Honor, Mr. Wade’s name is not something you can call directly!”

Honor hurriedly changed his words: “I’m sorry, Grandpa, I didn’t react for a while. I think the medicine given to him should be the same as the medicine Mr. Wade gave you.”

Seeing that he changed his tongue quickly and sincerely, Old Mr. Song nodded in approval and exclaimed: “I think so too. Tianqi’s medical skills are indeed very good, but he hasn’t come back to life and turn decadent into a miraculous point. Only Mr. Wade The magical medicine of China has this effect.”

With that, Mr. Song couldn’t help sighing again, and said: “The medicine given by Mr. Wade last time is indeed very effective. I was already a dying person before. After eating, I just feel that my body is much stronger, but It may be that I was too ill before, and now although my life is not in danger, my body is still somewhat languid, I am still old…”

Honor hurriedly said: “Grandpa, or I will go to Mr. Wade again, ask him for a magical medicine, or buy a magical medicine for you! If you can take another magical medicine, believe in your physical condition. There will be great relief!”

Father Song hurriedly waved his hand and said, “It’s impossible. Mr. Wade has given medicine to the Song family. We haven’t paid him back this favor. If we venture to ask for medicine, it will appear that we are insatiable and greedy. Know yourself!”