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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 532 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 532 Start

It’s a pity that this son was in his own hands, so this great filial son has now become a beast that everyone spurned.

After two days of fermentation, the death of Masao Kobayashi, the president of Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, has already aroused great concern in Japan.

Under the vigorous propaganda of Kobayashi’s second son, Jiro, Ichiro became the chief culprit who poisoned his biological father and tried to occupy Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

The whole Japan scolded Ichiro, thinking that he was the most unfilial livestock in Japan..

At the same time, Jiro also increased the reward for killing Ichiro from 1 billion yen to 3 billion.

He now wants to quickly take the position of chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., so he must let his brother die quickly, and never let him return to Japan alive.

Jiro also knows very well that his elder brother never intended to kill his father, otherwise he would never be in China and would kill his father remotely. Then, if his father died, he could not take over immediately. Wouldn’t it be a waste of money for him? ?

Therefore, he can also guess that the eldest brother is dying now.

After all, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical gave Charlie 10 billion, which is enough to see that Charlie was behind the whole incident.

However, the eldest brother has nothing to do with the wrongdoing. He is not wronged. He is the eldest son succeeding to the throne. What’s the matter with himself?

If his second son wanted to counterattack, he had to suppress his eldest son.

Because of this, he couldn’t wait to let his eldest brother die in Aurous Hill.

Because if Ichiro could never speak, his position would be more stable.

From his continuous increase in the bounty, it can also be seen that this person is now very eager to kill Ichiro as soon as possible.

So Charlie sent a WeChat to Orvel, asking him to contact Jiro, asking for one billion. If he puts out one billion, he will sell him Ichiro, and if he can’t get it, he will escort Ichiro. Back to Tokyo to open a press conference to clarify the reason, and then openly compete with him for the successor of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Charlie’s thinking is simple. If Jiro wants to be the chairman, he must cooperate with him. Otherwise, he will let Ichiro trouble him. If the brothers share Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, the loss will be far greater in Billions.

Without saying anything, Mr. Orvel immediately contacted Jiro and told him Charlie’s request intact.

Jiro went crazy after hearing this.


Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has given Charlie 10 billion for the prescription of that poison!

The ten billion thing was given by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. voluntarily at the beginning, and it was his father who was fooled by the other party.

When he think about it, it’s d*mn irritating. My father spent 10 billion to buy a poison, and then he ate it himself to death and took his life.

If this transaction were to spread out, it would be the first unjust case in the ages.

Jiro felt that if Charlie wanted to be a person, he should just kill his eldest brother as a reward. He didn’t expect this guy to speak up and ask him one billion? When did he open a bank?