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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 531 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 531 Start

Elaine didn’t know that Noah and Horiyah had already coveted her assets and the Tomson First-Class villa of her son-in-law Charlie.

She was in Shehlain’s house, and she started to rub mahjong with her friends. She didn’t go home until dinner time. The four old ladies ordered some KFC takeaways. One of them was holding a family bucket, eating chicken legs and rubbing mahjong. The one that rubs the mahjong is called shiny.

Charlie finished the meal and was eating with his wife and father-in-law. Claire couldn’t help complaining when seeing his mother still not coming back, saying: “Dad, you also take care of my mother occasionally, don’t keep her all day long to play!”

“Do I care about her?” Jacob snorted, and said, “I don’t have the ability to do it. You have to do it. If I could do it to your mother, I won’t be here today? Do you know why your grandma prefers your uncle, right? Do I need to tell you?”

Claire asked in surprise, “It’s not because of my mother, right?”

“It’s because of her!” Jacob sighed and said, “Your grandfather and your grandma didn’t allow us to get married at the beginning. If your mother had you before she was unmarried, your grandfather wouldn’t compromise. “

Charlie was surprised when he listened. He didn’t expect the mother-in-law and the Old Master to run with the ball!

At this time, Jacob said to Claire again: “Actually, your grandma has never liked your mother, and it hasn’t changed for more than 20 years.”

“Why?” Claire asked puzzledly, “Is there any dissatisfaction, should we not let go of prejudices for more than 20 years?”

Jacob said: “Your grandma said that your mother is a shrew, and she thinks your mother’s family is relatively poor.”

Claire sighed in embarrassment and said, “It’s not good to say, my grandma is not much better than my mother…”

“You’re right.” Jacob nodded and said, “I think the reason why your grandma doesn’t like your mother is because she feels too much like herself…”

Claire rubbed her temples and murmured, “I think what you said makes sense…”

Charlie on the side did not speak, but in his heart he also agreed with Jacob’s words.

The Old Mrs. Willson is the big devil, Elaine is the little devil, and the big devil will get old, so she will be afraid when she sees the little devil. She is afraid that one day she will grow old and the little devil will become the big devil, and then start oppressing her.

Therefore, this is also the fundamental reason why she has been pressing Elaine all the time.

The relationship between Chinese mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very subtle, but in the final analysis, it is nothing more than one point: the mother-in-law wants to hold the daughter-in-law firmly, and the daughter-in-law desperately wants to get rid of the control of the mother-in-law.

Especially Mrs. Willson, a woman with a particularly strong desire for control, I am afraid that no one can stand it.

At this time, the TV that had been playing Aurous Hill News suddenly interrupted a piece of news.

The host said: “The following is an emergency news. A few days ago, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Masao Kobayashi died in an accident in Tokyo. According to Japanese media, the cause of death was that his eldest son, Ichiro, gave him poison. It shows that Masao Kobayashi took a drug with a strong excitatory effect, which caused the heart to become overloaded and he died of a sudden heart attack.”

Speaking of this, the host said: “Interpol has received news that Ichiro is currently hiding in Aurous Hill, and now the Kobayashi family is offering a reward of 3 billion yen to hunt down Ichiro, so a large number of Japanese killers and gang members have entered. In Aurous Hill, the police are actively hunting down these killers. The general public are requested to be vigilant and call the police immediately if they find suspicious persons!”

When Jacob heard this, he smacked his lips and said, “This Ichiro is really a beast. In order to inherit the family property, he will not let go of his own father!”

Charlie on the side laughed twice.

He wanted to cure his father’s paralysis, so he was a filial son.