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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 530 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 530 Start

After speaking, he took Horiyah and went out.

The intermediary girl on the side greeted her in a very embarrassing manner. Although she despised the two customers after listening to Elaine’s words, the customer is god after all.

When Shehlain saw the two gone, she couldn’t help sighing: “Sister Elaine, your two relatives are too weird, do they think I am a fool? They wanted to buy my villa for eight million… “

Elaine smiled and said, “They are about to go bankrupt, and they have no money at all. They are just a bunch of poor people. Even if you promise them to sell for 8 million, they may not be able to pay!”

Shehlain nodded and said, “It’s really disappointing. Let’s ignore them and continue playing cards!”


When Noah and his wife Horiyah left the villa, they scolded the people in the street, in unison!

The main reason why they didn’t dare to scold in front of Elaine was because they were afraid of her son-in-law Charlie.

If they really get beaten, it will be a big loss.

The intermediary followed the two of them. After they had enough scolding, she cautiously asked, “Mr. and Mrs. Willson, are you two still looking for other houses?”

Horiyah’s face was extremely ugly, she glared at her and cursed: “Look at your mother, get out!”

After speaking, she took Noah and walked out of the community.

The little girl was aggrieved in tears, but because of her weak temper, she didn’t have the courage.

But when Horiyah went out, she wanted to get more and more angry, and couldn’t help but say to Noah: “This Elaine, she doesn’t know how to show off if she has two stinky money! Look at her virtuous attitude. She actually showed off that she was going to live in the Tomson first grade, and she panicked for us. Whose big villa is, does she have no idea? If Charlie’s Rubbish goes out to deceive people, what can she do!”

Noah said with a cold face, agreeing: “This stinky girl is really too f*cking too much!”

As he said, he sighed and said helplessly: “However, we have nothing to do with her now. Whoever makes our Willson family fail soon, anyone or a dog can come over and step on… “

Horiyah couldn’t help asking: “Then we still buy a house? If you don’t, your mother wants you to give her 8 million!”

“Buy, of course we must buy it!” Noah said, “The house must be bought, but not now.”

Horiyah hurriedly asked, “When will you buy it?”

Noah said: “Elaine, the stinky lady, has two money now. In my opinion, we might as well make a round for her.”

“Do it? What game?” Horiyah was surprised.

Noah said with a sullen expression: “Doesn’t she like gambling? Then let’s make a bet. First use a little petty profit to lure her into the set, lure her to play the bigger the bet, and then let the experienced Old Master do something. Get all her money, hands and feet!”

Speaking of this, Noah sneered, and said: “It’s best to let her mortgage Tomson’s first-grade villa to us! In that case, we can turn over!”