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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 528 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 528 Start

Noah’s face was pale, and he stepped forward and scolded: “Elaine, you are less damned in this villain, no matter how downright we are, we are better than you! You don’t want to see what you have? Husband is a Rubbish, son-in-law also waste, the whole family is waste!”

Elaine’s eyes were wide, and she said with disdain: “Oh! Big brother, big brother, my husband is really waste, but there is no way, the men of the Willson family are waste, don’t you know this in your heart?”

“You…” Noah gritted his teeth.

Good you Elaine, I scolded your husband, your words brought me and my son in too?

At this time, Elaine did not give him a chance to continue speaking, but pinched her waist and said with a proud face: “But, don’t you say that my son-in-law Charlie is Rubbish, my baby son-in-law, now he is amazing. Quite! Don’t say anything else, it is because of my son-in-law we will be able to live in Tomson’s big villa next month. Do you have it?”

In fact, Elaine can’t really afford Charlie.

However, at this time, using Charlie to ridicule Noah was really just right!

When Noah heard this, his heart was really uncomfortable to death.

d*mn, that’s right!

Charlie’s Rubbish can actually flicker to a Tomson first-class villa, what about himself? Now he is going to buy this kind of second-hand villa with 20 years of age, the other one, here are ten on top!

Seeing Noah’s ugly and uncomfortable expression, Elaine was happy, and almost danced a square dance in excitement.

She continued to attack Noah, sighing and saying, “Oh, before, I really thought Charlie was a rubbish, so I couldn’t look down on him. At that time, I envied my eldest brother and sister-in-law! Your Wendy, she went to the White family’s Young Mr. Gerald, isn’t this just flying on a branch and becoming a phoenix?”

As she said, Elaine sighed and shook her hand with regret: “Hey, but who would have thought that Wendy would be dumped by Gerald! Tell me about this Gerald, really the sumbag among the sumbags! It’s a big game! Wendy’s belly swallowed. What was the reason?”

Horiyah and Noah looked at each other, and they were already annoyed to kill!

d*mn, this stinky lady dared to expose her shortness, it’s damned!

At this moment, Elaine continued: “But, I still envy you. Although Gerald dumped Wendy, I heard that Wendy hired a son-in-law for my elder brother and sister-in-law! I heard that he is Fredmen, the chairman of Future Company Group, is much better than Gerald!”

Speaking of this, Elaine said with regret: “However, this Fredmen is good everywhere, just a little older, brother, Fredmen seems to be two or three years older than you, can I ask you, What is it like to hire a son-in-law who is older than you?”

Horiyah couldn’t hear the irony in these words, her angry face was livid, and she shouted angrily: “Elaine! Shut up! Otherwise I will tear your mouth down!”

“Yo!” Elaine said disdainfully: “Sister-in-law, what I’m telling you is the truth, why don’t you let me tell? You have a guilty conscience? You want to tear my mouth?”

Speaking of this, Elaine snorted coldly, and said, “I tell you Horiyah, don’t think you have a son-in-law who is older than you, you just want to bully me! Don’t think I don’t know, Director Fredmen, he has already dumped your Wendy! Am I right?”

“Also, I heard that Fredmen still gave your Wendy to Barena from the Wei family? Oh, this Fredmen is really interesting. Wendy is a person, not a gift, not a puppy, so how can she be casual give away someone?”

“It looks like it’s better than my precious son-in-law Charlie. Although it’s a little bit useless, it’s at least reliable and won’t give up to our family.”

Horiyah was ridiculed by Elaine, and she was going crazy!

She grinned and rushed to fight Elaine, hysterically cursing: “Elaine! I am fighting with you today!”