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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5270 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5270 Start

Charlie continued: “And once on the internet, there is a high probability of being seen by mom.”

“If mom sees it and wants to trouble you, then I will not be able to control it.”

Jacob hearing this, his neck shrank suddenly in fright,

And the soot that was as long as two fingers fell to the ground in fright.

He became depressed all of a sudden, and murmured:

“If Elaine finds out, wouldn’t her mother die?”

Just after he finished speaking, there was a roar of an engine.

The iconic V8 engine of the Mercedes-Benz G is still very recognizable,

And Charlie knows that there is a high probability that Horiyah and Elaine are back without looking.

So, he reminded Jacob: “Dad, Mom is back, you’d better pay attention.”

The Mercedes-Benz Big G has arrived at the door.

Jacob didn’t dare to pick it up again, so he raised his foot to snuff out the cigarette butt.

At this moment, he saw the window of the co-pilot was lowered,

And the red-faced Elaine leaned out half of his body and shouted:

“Jacob, what are you doing in a daze? Come pick me up. Give me a hand!”

“Hey, here I come!” Jacob hurriedly agreed twice and trotted all the way.

When he arrived in front of the Mercedes-Benz Big G, he helped Elaine out of the car,

And Horiyah in the cab said to Elaine:

“Elaine, if you are fine tomorrow morning,”

“I will take you to eat at the best restaurant in the city.”

Elaine turned her back to Horiyah, curled her lips, and made a disgusted expression,

Then suddenly changed into a smiling face, turned around, and said,

“Okay, you honk the horn at the door tomorrow, and I’ll be here in five minutes.”

Horiyah nodded, and snapped her fingers chicly: “Let’s go tomorrow, bye.”

After speaking, she kicked the accelerator and drove the car out.

Elaine walked home with Jacob’s support, cursing: “Dmn Horiyah,”

“She made me frightened this day”

“God is really short-sighted, he let this kind of woman make money!”

Jacob said casually: “Since you can’t see it this way, stay away from her in the future,”

“Don’t pay attention to her, don’t give her a chance to embarrass you. That’s it.”

“You don’t even know sh!t.” Elaine said very seriously:

“When I was rich, even though she hated me to the bone,”

“She always followed my a s s. Do you know why?”

Jacob nodded: “I know, it is the take advantage of the ba5tard,”

“Although you two were not born by the same mother, your temper and character are no different.”

“After killing your father if the enemy invites you to dinner, you two will definitely go.”

Elaine didn’t feel that Jacob was mocking her at all, but said very proudly:

“This is called being able to bend and stretch, and no one will have trouble with money.”

Then, Elaine said again: ” Hurry up and help me back to the house, I have something important to do!”

Jacob didn’t dare to make mistakes, and quickly helped her into the house, and then took her up to the third floor.

As soon as Elaine entered the room, she drove Jacob out, then took out her cosmetics,

And began to carefully dress herself up in front of the mirror.

While putting on makeup, she muttered in her mouth:

“Dmn, didn’t you, Horiyah, just make some money by doing live broadcasts?”

“As if no one knows how to live broadcast, I want to live broadcast too!”

“It will start tonight! It won’t be long before I will definitely have more fans and earn more money than you!”

There were also days when Elaine hadn’t put on her makeup carefully,

And Elaine couldn’t help but use too much force, and soon turned herself into the appearance of heavy makeup.

However, Elaine was very immersed in herself in the mirror,

And she muttered proudly: “Isn’t this much better-looking than Horiyah?”

“She relies on selling misery to attract fans. I, can’t afford to lose that person.”

“I rely on my beauty, and can also attract a lot of fans!”

At this time, Claire knocked on the door and said, “Mom, it’s time to have a meal.”

Elaine didn’t care about eating, so she said casually, “I don’t want to eat, you can eat!”

Claire said: “You have been out for a day, how can you not eat?”

Elaine said casually: “I won’t eat, my legs and feet are not convenient,”

“And I have to toss up and down the stairs.”

Without further words, Claire turned and left and went downstairs.

She prepared a single meal for Elaine on the dining plate and then brought it up again.

Thinking that her mother is alone in the room,

Claire didn’t knock on the door when she came in.

After entering the door, she walked in and said to Elaine who was sitting on the dressing table with her back facing her:

“Mom, today I didn’t have time to cook, so I ordered some takeaways,”

“And here is a portion of everything, so you can eat while it’s hot.”

Elaine turned her head, pointed at the beanbag sofa and small table by the windowsill,

And said casually: “Put it there.”

Seeing Elaine wearing heavy makeup, Claire took a step back unconsciously in fright, and blurted out:

“Mom, you…why do you wear such heavy makeup…”

“Is it thick?” Elaine looked around in the mirror and muttered:

“I think it’s pretty good,” Claire said awkwardly:

“But you have been out all day, what is the reason for putting on makeup when you come back…”

“Maybe you still put on makeup at night and want to go out?”

Elaine quickly waved her hand and said,

“I am not going out, I’m just doing it for fun, so don’t worry about it!”