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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 526 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 526 Start

Shehlain hurriedly smiled and said: “Oh, please come in quickly, please come in quickly, I haven’t lived in this villa for many years, you can watch it!”

“Okay.” Noah nodded, and after entering the door with Horiyah, he began to look at the layout and decoration of the villa.

The agent on the side, said with a smile: “Mr. Willson, the XiDollar villa area is the first villa area developed by our Aurous Hill. The supporting facilities are relatively complete, and access is controlled. It can fully guarantee your safety. The villa has an actual living area of ​​470 square meters, which fully meets your previous requirements…”

The reason why Noah bought the old villa was because it was a cheap one. A normal 470-square-meter villa cost at least 20 million in Aurous Hill, but the price of this villa is generally 134 million, and the price is still dozens. Ten thousand downsides.

So he asked Shehlain: “Ms. Shehlain, how much is your villa going to sell for?”

“I am going to the United States soon. This villa is in a hurry for sale, so the price will be relatively cheaper…”

Shehlain smiled slightly and said, “Well, if you two have intentions, a price of 12 million, what do you think?”

“What, are you stealing the money?” Horiyah couldn’t believe it, she raised her voice, blurted out: “For such an old villa, you actually asked for twelve million?!”

Shehlain was not angry, and said with a smile: “In this community, most of the listings are above 13.5 million, and there are even more than 14 million. I quoted 12 million. In fact, It’s already a very, very cost-effective reserve price.”

Elaine was sitting in the entertainment hall of the villa. She heard the sound outside that was particularly familiar, and quietly glanced out, and suddenly saw Horiyah with a look of disgust.

And next to her is Noah, the eldest son of the Willson family.

Elaine didn’t expect that these two people would actually be here. Combined with what Shehlain said just now, it is estimated that they are customers who want to buy Shehlain’s old villa.

Isn’t the Willson family going cold? Can they still afford a villa?

At this time, Horiyah said with an arrogant expression: “Ms. Shehlain, to be honest with you, only a fool would buy 12 million, and I heard that you are going to the United States soon. I don’t think so. Give you a price of 8 million. You sell the house, and we can trade today! You can pack your bags and go to the United States tomorrow. The best of both worlds.”

The main reason why Horiyah kept the price down was that the other party was anxious to sell. Since she was anxious to sell, she would definitely have to bargain to death so that she could make a fortune.

She felt that Shehlain was just going to the United States, not anxious enough, if someone in the family was dying and waiting for first aid! Maybe five or six million can be won!

However, Horiyah didn’t know that Shehlain had money, and there were only a few houses alone, so she was not the one who lacked money at all. How could she ask Horiyah to cut the meat with a knife because she was in a hurry to sell her house?

Naturally, Shehlain knew that Horiyah was not at ease. She frowned and said with some disapproval: “Mrs. Willson, let’s not hide it. Although my villa is a bit old, the price given to you is quite reasonable. In the market, you will definitely not find a lower price than mine. As for the price of 8 million you said, it is simply a fantasy!”

After speaking, Shehlain said again: “Since the two of you don’t have this sincerity, then I don’t think we need to continue talking.”

Noah knew very well in his heart that a counter-offer of 8 million would be a bullshit. Saying 8 million for this house was a joke. As long as the owner hangs out 11 million, someone will eat it within half an hour, because the house is indeed very expensive. It’s cheaper!

So he hurried to accompany with a smile and said: “Ms. Shehlain, don’t be angry, my wife is not sensible, so she will talk nonsense.”

Horiyah glared at Noah and said, “I’m not sensible? Who is in charge of the family, you forgot? I tell you, don’t be a sh!t stick with this. I think this house will cost 8 million. Nothing!”

After finishing speaking, she tried her best to wink at Noah, which means, look at her, she specified that this woman can be taken down.

At this time, Elaine came over with a smile on her face and said cheerfully: “Oh, eldest brother and sister-in-law, eight million you want to buy a villa, are you two crazy?”