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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5250 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5250 Start

Director Liu didn’t expect to get the best banquet hall opened by Shangri-La.

This perfectly solved all the problems and greatly surpassed the expected issue.

Fortunately, the Wade family’s Shangri-La has never put making money first,

So Issac keeps the good rooms and banquet halls in his hands,

And does not sell them to the outside world, so that they can be used as favors at critical moments.

Or solve the needs of related households.

Issac was naturally willing to give him this favor, so he said:

“Call me anytime when you are done with work, I will wait for you at Shangri-La.”

“Okay!” Director Liu said excitedly: “Thank you so much, Mr. Chen!”

“You are welcome” Issac smiled slightly and said,

“Since you still have something to do, we won’t bother you.”

Director Liu nodded, “I’m just going downstairs too.”

When the four of them arrived downstairs, a group of school leaders was already waiting there.

After Director Liu bid farewell to the three of them, he hurried over to line up with others.

Issac looked at Charlie and asked respectfully, “Master, what other arrangements do you have?”

Charlie said, “I’m fine. Take Claudia back and have a meal at Aunt Li’s new home at noon.”

Then, he said again: “By the way, Joseph and the Cataclysmic Front soldiers rescued an old lady and her only son,”

“Please contact Joseph and ask him for the old lady’s home address, I will visit her in the next few days.”

When Issac went to Mexico with Orvel,

Charlie with the help of Cataclysmic Front had wiped out the entire Crazy Juarez.

He is not very clear about the details, but his acting style is straightforward,

So he didn’t ask anything, and immediately agreed, saying:

“Okay, young master, I will Just get in touch with Joseph.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Then I’ll go first,”

“Today I’m going to have a meal at Aunt Li’s and I’ll go prepare some gifts.”

Issac immediately said: “Okay young master, I’ll report to you in the afternoon after I’ve connected with Joseph.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded approvingly, and then said to Claudia, “Let’s go.”

Claudia nodded obediently, she sat in the co-pilot of Charlie’s BMW.

Charlie started the car and drove towards the school gate.

At the same time, a black Rolls-Royce Phantom, escorted by three Cadillacs,

Slowly drove towards the main entrance of Aurous Hill University.

Larry and his wife were sitting in the back row of the Phantom.

The driver in the car was Larry’s most trusted subordinate who had been with him for forty years.

The co-pilot was Maria.

At this time, Larry saw the banner hanging outside the school gate,

And couldn’t help but said angrily: “This old Xue!”

“I told him not to show off, why did he hang up the banner!”

As he said, looking at Maria, asked: “Miss, I’m afraid this is not safe for your identity?”

Maria smiled and said: “It’s okay, a person of your level should come to Aurous Hill generously.”

“If it’s a sneaky thing, and people know about it, it’s very tricky.”

“A person in his nineties would hide it when he came to a school where he donated a lot of money.”

“Anyone who hears about it will find it strange. I think this is fine, it looks natural.”

“But I won’t get out of the car later, you meet them first,”

“And let me know when you talk about my school, and then I will go up by myself.”

Larry agreed without hesitation, and said respectfully: “Okay, lady!”

At this time, the motorcade had already driven into the main gate of the University,

And Maria also became obviously curious at this moment,

And began to look around at the school she was about to enroll in.

At the same time, a BMW car drove over from the opposite lane,

And sitting in the front row of this car were Charlie and Claudia!