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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 523 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 523 Start

Because there was a card house waiting, Elaine didn’t wait for the meal to finish, so he walked out with her bag on her back and immediately took a taxi to an older villa complex.

An old friend of hers lives in this villa area.

XiDollar Villa was regarded as a relatively good villa in Aurous Hill twenty years ago, but after all, it has been a long time since it has gradually lost some ground.

In the past, Elaine felt that XiDollar Villa was already a standard mansion, and her family might not be able to live in such a single-family villa in this life.

But now it’s different. As soon as she thought of being able to live in the best Tomson villa in Aurous Hill, Elaine was a little scornful of this XiDollar villa.

The old friend who lives here is named Shehlain, who Elaine has known many years ago.

Shehlain’s family was a good family. Her husband made a lot of money in the early years, and then died because of an accident, leaving Shehlain with a lot of money.

After Shehlain pulled the child up and sent the child abroad for higher education, she played mah for fun every day.

Moreover, Shehlain has money and poor card skills. She always loses more and wins less when playing cards. Every time Elaine plays cards with her, she can win points.

So Elaine regards Shehlain as her god of wealth, as long as Shehlain asks her to play cards, she will definitely be there.

Ringing the doorbell of Shehlain’s house, the door opened quickly, and a woman about the age of Elaine, with a warm smile on her face, greeted, “Sister Elaine is here, come in!”

This middle-aged woman is Shehlain.

Elaine hurriedly greeted her, stepped through the door, and said with a smile: “Oh, Shehlain, I’m so embarrassed to keep you waiting for a long time.”

When they came to the living room, the other two mahjong friends who often played cards with her were already sitting at the mahjong table and waiting.

“Sister Elaine, you can count it!”

Seeing her coming, another middle-aged woman said impatiently: “Sit down, let’s make an eight-lap hot hand!”

After Elaine and Shehlain were both on the mahjong table, the card game officially began.

Elaine rubbed the mahjong while saying, “Shehlain, you have lived in this villa for some years, right?”

After touching a card, Shehlain smiled and replied: “This house was bought more than ten years ago, but it was mainly for investment at the time. After my child went abroad, I have been living in a building in the city. The villa is too big. Living alone is discomforting.”

“Then have you thought about redecorating it?” Elaine came to be interested and said, “I told you that my girl happened to be running a decoration company, and also cooperated with our Aurous Hill Emgrand Group, and the level is absolutely guaranteed. If you want to redecorate, I can ask her to give you a friendly price. When the time comes, she will definitely make your villa as magnificent as the palace!”

“Sister Elaine, thank you for your kindness.” Shehlain smiled slightly, then sighed, and said, “However, I plan to sell this villa.”

“Sell it?” Elaine asked puzzledly: “Why do you want to sell it? You are not the one who lacks money. Your husband left you seven or eight sets of the house, and you have invested in so many real estates yourself. , How nice it is to put it here to appreciate!”