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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5222 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5222 Start

Elaine said: “He smoked so the lung cancer, metastasized to the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and brain,”

“It is said that even in the bones it was growing,”

“He went to the hospital, the doctor said he was hopeless, at most three months to live,”

“After he died, I donated his body to the medical school,”

“So that those medical students to open his belly to practice,”

“In this way, it is considered that he did something for society.”

Sayin that Elaine lamented: “Oh, you do not know, the professor of the medical school,”

“Said that my old man’s two lungs, from smoking, were darker than coal,”

“Once they opened the stomach, they could smell smoke,”

“The smell of smoke coming out almost fainted the professor on the spot, two lungs were cut off, lift out,”

“Just like the smoked pork, snapping straight down dripping oil like tar from the smoke!”

“Say it yourself, was it not a death from smoking?”

The driver heard this, he felt like he is having something really toxic.

He felt disgusted but also scared.

Elaine saw that his expression was very ugly and did not say anything,

So she could not help but mutter: “Hey to tell you that this cancer is really powerful,”

“The lungs smoked into charcoal, the cancer cells can still grow stronger and stronger,”

“The vitality is really tenacious, felt like the rotten wood fungus growing in a pile.”

The master said: “What the fcuk can this mean!”

“What the fcuk can you bring this lousy analogy, smoking is normal. How the fcuk it is so diabolical!”

Charlie sat in the back, feeling helpless to the extreme, secretly thinking:

“My mother-in-law is really vengeful, the old man just did not drive over to pick her up,”

“And the result is really picking up a fight here,”

“She cursed the old man to death in front of the cab driver but even donated his body to medical students. She is too much. “

Claire is also angry hard, she is sitting behind Elaine,

Listening to her so curse her father, in her heart she is naturally feeling unacceptable.

However, it was not good for her to poke Elaine’s lies in front of the cab driver,

Because that would make the cab driver doubt his life,

So she could only cough hard in the back as a reminder.

When Elaine heard Claire coughing, she naturally knew, what did her daughter mean by this?

But she was angry with Jacob, and did not care about the presence of her daughter and son-in-law,

And continued to say to the driver:

“Master, you were right just now, smoking is actually very normal,”

“Lung cancer from smoking, it is only natural,”

“Just feel free to smoke, anyway, life in this world, is not to live with pain?”

The driver;s expression is embarrassed, while stammering he said:

“Ahem, this …… smoking well …… really harmful to health,”

“I can smoke less ah, or as little as possible … … …”

Elaine smiled and asked, “Master, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?”

The driver awkwardly held the steering wheel with one hand,

With the other hand scratched his scalp, and said with no confidence:

“I …… a little more …… a day… probably that is a little more than a packet……”

Elaine nodded, and said casually: “Almost the same before the old man left, he smoked a packet and a half and lived up to thirty-plus years,”

“The results.. he has gone.”

After saying that, she looked at the driver, and curiously asked:

“Master, I see you are forty or fifty years old, right?”

The master smiled: “I …… I am fifty-two ……”

“Awesome.” Elaine gave a thumbs up, and said seriously:

“You just stick to this line, with enough capital, bite the bullet and then persist for another ten years,”

“You would have lived double the age of my husband.”

The master’s expression at this time has been much worse than crying.

Elaine at this time can not help but feel: “In fact, you tell me what is the meaning of people living so long?”

“He just left me with my child and went on his way.”

“In fact, sometimes I think it’s better if that person was me.”

“I would have died early and gotten myself a good relief.”

The master skimmed the car under the center console of the shelf, glancing at a pack of cigarettes inside, with mixed feelings.

Claire could not stand it any longer, so she patted the back of Elaine’s seat,

And said in anger: “Mom! Why are you not finished yet!”

Elaine turned around and said with a sense of justice,

“Claire, I am holding back my thoughts and grief for your father,”

“And using your father’s personal case to kindly remind this man to pay attention to his health,”

“If he can quit smoking after hearing these words, even if it is just to smoke less and live a few more years,”

“Don’t you think I have saved his life?”