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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 522 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 522 Start

Charlie nodded and said: “Solmon White told me that the construction will definitely be completed next month and we will be able to move in then.”

Claire said, “Isn’t it inappropriate to move in as soon as the renovation is completed? How can the air in it taste like?

Elaine hurriedly said, “No need, no, I went to see with your dad last time. They used imported non-polluting materials and zero formaldehyde for the decoration of the house. There is really no smell in the room. The fresh air system is installed, and the fresh air is replaced 24 hours a day. You don’t know how advanced and healthy it is!”

Claire nodded, and said nothing more.

In fact, she herself didn’t feel much about moving to Tomson’s villa.

But the last time Charlie was right, at least he could not live on the same floor as his parents when he moved there. In this case, there would be a lot more private space, not as it is now, even in her own room, there is no privacy…

Moreover, she also promised Elsa that after moving to the villa, she would reserve a room for her and invite her to live in. She is a girl and has been living in a hotel alone, but it is actually quite deserted.

Charlie didn’t care about the villa. Before he was eight years old, he had been in the orphanage for so many years after that.

At this time, Elaine suddenly received a WeChat message, picked up the phone and glanced at it, and her brows were instantly happy.

She opened the mouth and said to the three of them: “In the afternoon, an old sister asked me to play mahjong at her house. It takes eight laps. I won’t come back for dinner.”

Jacob said in surprise, “Eight laps? Then ten hours?”

Elaine gave him a white look and said, “What’s the matter with ten hours? Two days and two nights, more than forty hours in the big game, I haven’t played when I was young!”

Jacob persuaded: “You are old after all now! Sitting for a long time is prone to many diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, and high blood pressure, all of which are caused by sitting for a long time.”

Elaine waved her hand: “I’m in good health, don’t curse me!”

Claire frowned, and couldn’t help but say with some worry: “Mom, you occasionally play mahjong for fun. I don’t have any opinion, but you listen to advice, one is not to play for too long, and the other is not to If you play that one again, you will win or lose thousands of money.”

“Oh, playing mahjong is just a fun!”

Elaine said nonchalantly: “Besides, I go out to play mahjong every day. Isn’t it for this family? Your dad refuses one. Charlie is not only a Rubbish, but also a big fool who deceives people everywhere. They may come to our house in the future. What a disaster, you are starting a business now, and the company has not seen the money back. How will your father and I support it? I will now point to playing mahjong to earn money and subsidize the family!”

Charlie was very upset.

This mother-in-law, she likes to pull him out to make a mockery if she is okay, and now he feels like a big fool, he really wants to draw a big mouth on his face, and tell her: Since you think I’m a big fool, then I’ll fool you Villa, don’t live in licking your face!

In the final analysis, mother-in-law still owes a lot to clean up!