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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 521 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 521 Start

When the Wei family news hit the whole city, Charlie, who threw the Wei family father and son into h*ll and lifted Liang to the sky, was wearing an apron at home and cooking lunch for his wife and father-in-law.

At the dinner table, Jacob and Elaine were actively discussing things about the Wei family. The two liked to discuss such gossip, especially Elaine. If she knew someone had something wrong, she would be happy for three days.

Just when Elaine laughed at Wei family father and son for having blood mold, Claire couldn’t help but said, “Mom, don’t always look down at people and make jokes.”

Elaine snorted and said, “I can ignore other people’s jokes, but I can’t help but read the jokes of the Wei family!”

After that, Elaine said mysteriously: “By the way, do you know that Wendy seemed to have gotten with Barena a few days ago!”

“Huh?” Claire was surprised, and blurted out: “No? Barena is in his thirties, and Wendy is a round older, right? I think Wendy must look down on him.”

Elaine curled his lips: “What do you think Wendy is? I tell you, I also heard that Wendy had been a lover for a period of time for Fredmen, chairman of Eastcliff Future Company Group! Later Fredmen transferred her to Barena!”

Jacob said incredulously: “You said that Fredmen from Eastcliff? Wendy was his lover? Impossible, right? Fredmen is older than my eldest brother!”

Elaine said: “Your mother wanted to curry favor with Fredmen and ask Fredmen to save the Willson family, so she instructed Wendy to get along with Fredmen. Fredmen was also quite interesting, and he also invested 10 million in the Willson family. This matter is known to the outside world.”

“My God…” Claire exclaimed, “How could grandma be so excessive?! Let Wendy go with Fredmen for money? How could my uncle and aunt agree?”

“They?” Elaine curled her lips and smiled: “They can’t expect it!”

Speaking of this, Elaine said mockingly: “The Lady Willson’s wishful thinking is good, but it is of no use. Fredmen only invested 10 million in the Willson family, and he was reluctant to vote if it was too much.”

Claire said: “The debts outside the Willson Group are about 30 million. Having this million is a drop in the bucket. Grandma and the others should not have a good time.”

“She deserves it!” Elaine said contemptuously, “Your grandma is really not a good thing! What has happened to bully our family for so many years? I am now anxious that the Willson family will soon go bankrupt, watching the Lady Willson sleep on the street. At that time, she will realize how many mistakes she has made in her life! When I think about it, I feel hatred!”

Jacob on the side said embarrassingly: “Okay, it’s really wrong for mom to do something, but don’t curse her like that! If the Willson family really goes bankrupt and the Lady Willson really sleeps on the street, she will come to us, we can still ignore her ?”

Elaine blurted out: “What are you kidding me? Of course it doesn’t matter! Don’t say that she sleeps on the street and I don’t care. Even if she starves to death, I will not care about her! You forgot when she drove our family out, yes What kind of face? I tell you, I will never forgive her in my life!”

Jacob sighed and said nothing more.

He was indeed angry with the Lady Willson, but he was only angry, not to mention the hatred of Elaine.

Elaine said triumphantly at this time: “I’m looking forward to the end of the Willson family. By then, they will be over. Our family will move to the big villa in Tomson. I must let them know what is meant by thirty years in hell and thirty years in Heaven!”

After that, Elaine said to Charlie: “Charlie, have you been in contact with Solmon White of the White family recently? Ask him to arrange for the decoration company to speed up the progress. Let us move in if we say anything next month!”