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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 520 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 520 Start

“I’m not crazy!” Noah said hurriedly, “Promise to my mother is just a slow-down. Let’s spend the money quickly so she won’t worry about it anymore. It’s best to find a good house today and buy it!”

Horiyah asked in surprise: “Buy now?”

“Yes!” Noah said, “Didn’t my mother think that I have ten million? Then let’s use ten million to buy a house, and then throw the house purchase contract in front of her and tell her that she has the money to buy a house. what?”

Horiyah suddenly smiled, and blurted out: “Okay, always do it, I really have you! Come! Let’s go to the real estate now!”

When the Willson family was in trouble again, the Wei family became famous throughout Aurous Hill.

What happened just now in the Wei family made countless people sigh with emotion. They realized that as long as your strength is not top-notch, you are likely to become the fish of the strong at any time!

Wei’s Pharmaceuticals can be regarded as a large pharmaceutical company in the south of the Yangtze River, and Youngzheng and Barena have also enjoyed unlimited success.

But now? In a blink of an eye, the two were sent to Changbai Mountain and became ginseng pickers with no identities, difficult survival, and never leaving Changbai Mountain. It couldn’t be more miserable!

And the illegitimate son Liang, who is the most unwelcome and has almost no presence in the Wei family, has become the head of the Wei family and the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceutical. This is really shocking.

However, surprise is surprised, but everyone knows that Liang inherits the entire Wei family alone, which is definitely the rhythm of the upcoming rise.

Moreover, it seems that Orvel, White Family, Qin Family and even Song Family are all behind helping Liang to sit as chairman.

This proves that Liang has a certain relationship with these families, and represents that Liang’s strength will be improved on the basis of the original Wei family.

Before today, many people in Aurous Hill had bullied Liang.

Before, Liang was only an illegitimate child, and his status in the Wei family was not much better than that of his subordinates.

He came out with Barena, and he was insulted by others. Many people even deliberately insulted Liang in order to please Barena.

They thought that Liang would not be able to turn over in his entire life, but no one expected that he would actually turn over, and even so thoroughly.

So, starting from noon, many people from the Wei family came to him.

They presented Liang with generous gifts and congratulated him on his appointment as chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals.

Among them, many people are those who have insulted him, and even those who have beaten and insulted him.

Not only did they prepare generous gifts, they even hoped that Liang would forgive them with sincerity, for fear that after Liang’s rise, but he would also seek revenge from them.

And Liang really did not take the opportunity to take revenge at all.

He smiled and treated everyone who had insulted him with a smile.

Because he always followed Charlie’s instructions in his heart, he would never be the kind of person he hated the most!

The humiliation and oppression that he has suffered before are all tempered by God. If it weren’t for those experiences, how could he have this good fortune and be helped by Mr. Wade to a high position?

Therefore, he did not dare to float, and he did not dare to float at all.

He just wanted to be a human being, act low-key, and do well in Wei’s pharmaceuticals, to satisfy Mr. Wade, but also to have more abilities and opportunities to repay his kindness.