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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 519 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 519 Start

Mrs. Willson’s whole body was completely desperate.

She didn’t want all the hard work of a lifetime to be wasted in the end.

Moreover, she has no other real estate in Aurous Hill, only this villa.

If the Willson family really goes bankrupt, this villa will definitely be sealed up. At that time, she and her eldest son’s family will all be on the streets.

She suddenly remembered that the eldest son Noah should still have some money in his hands, so she hurriedly asked him: “Noah, how much money do you have now?”

Noah sighed in his heart and blurted out: “Mom, I don’t have much money in my hand, just a few million…”

“Few millions? Why are so few?” The Old Mrs. Willson frowned and asked, “Fredmen alone gave Wendy five million. You ate and lived at home all these years, and you also received the salary of the Willson Group. How about your savings?”

Noah cried and said, “Mom, how can I save? Although the expenses in life are low these years, I still have to raise Harold, Wendy and Horiyah, and I spend money on my own. It is also relatively large, so basically no money has been saved.”

Old Mrs. Willson said: “In this way, you first put the money out and invest it in the company. It can be delayed for a while, and then I will find a way to find some investment.”

Noah hurriedly said, “Mom, I bought all this money for regular financial management…I can’t get it out!”

“You don’t joke with me!” Old Mrs. Willson snorted coldly and said, “Don’t think I don’t know your careful thoughts, don’t you just have the savings for yourself?”

Noah didn’t dare to make a sound.

The Old Mrs. Willson asked: “Have you heard a word? There are finished eggs under the covered nest? If the Willson family falls, do you think you can live well?”

Noah nodded hurriedly and said, “Mom, you are right…but I really save my money regularly.”

“How about regular?” Mrs. Willson said coldly, “It’s not that I haven’t saved money. Regular financial management can be withdrawn in advance. It is nothing more than loss of interest. In this situation, you still think about regular financial management. Interest? I’ll give you one day, quickly take the money out, put it in the company account, and then I will communicate with a few creditors to see if I can make an installment repayment, it is best to get us Time to breathe for a year or two!”

These years, it is also very troublesome for creditors to collect debts. Therefore, sometimes if the debtor has a good attitude and can clearly give an instalment repayment method, and can pay a little first, most creditors will agree to installment repayment.

What the Old Mrs. Willson wanted was to use Noah’s millions to stabilize the remaining creditors, and then buy herself some time.

Otherwise, the villa may be sealed up next month.

Noah was 10,000 unwilling in his heart.

He knows that the Willson family is now a bottomless pit, and he doesn’t want to put money into it. But since his mother asked so strongly, he can only nod his head, pretend to agree, and say, “Don’t worry, I’ll wait with Horiyah. Go to the bank and withdraw the money from financial management and transfer it to the company’s account!”

Old Mrs. Willson was slightly satisfied, and she said, “I guess you have at least 10 million in cash, so let’s put 8 million in the company’s account first, not more.”

Noah cursed secretly in his heart, the Lady Willson’s appetite is really big enough, presuming that he has ten million, and she wants eight?

This money, he will not give a cent!

Thinking of this, he promised in face, while quietly winking at Horiyah.

After agreeing to come down, Noah said to the Lady Willson: “Mom, Horiyah and I are going to bank now. You can wait a while at home.”

Mrs. Willson nodded in satisfaction: “Go and come back quickly.”

Noah took Horiyah out of the house. Horiyah couldn’t wait to ask: “Are you crazy?! Why promise the Lady Willson to give her 8 million? We only have 15 millions in total!”