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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5173 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5173 Start

Seeing May 47’s hesitant appearance, Charlie said:

“Don’t worry, maybe the next slain garrison that we take over will be the one where your wife, children, and family members are,”

“But you have to understand that there is no rush for this matter,”

“And the flaws will be exposed again when it is cleared up.”

May 47 said with a smile With tears in his eyes,

“Thank you, Mr. Wade, for caring about this subordinate’s wife and children.”

“Judging from your words, it’s worth the death of this subordinates!”

Charlie smiled slightly, and said: “Live well, and live to see your wife and children.”

May 47 nodded heavily with tears in his eyes.

Charlie immediately said to Thirty-Nine Zero:

“May 47 is a hard-working person just like you, and I will leave him in your care from now on.”

Thirty-Nine Zero said without hesitation:

“Don’t worry, sir, the subordinates will definitely take care of him.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded, waved his hands, and said,

“Okay, you guys go out first, Joseph and Jackson stay back.”

The others got up one after another, respectfully leaving.

In the office, only Joseph and his master Jackson were left.

Charlie looked at Jackson, and said calmly:

“Mr. Qiu, I have one very important matter that I want to leave to you.”

Jackson quickly stood up, bowed, and said, “Mr. Wade Go all out!”

Charlie nodded, and said: “All the dead soldiers, as well as the Cavalry guards,”

“After the poison in their bodies is removed, their actual combat capabilities have dropped a lot.”

“It is also a kind of continuously accumulating energy,”

“Which can enhance their strength to a certain extent,”

“So I hope you can take out the energy with which you taught Joseph,”

“And treat these dead soldiers and Cavalry guards as your own apprentices,”

“Teach them the real martial arts.”

Jackson immediately blurted out: “Okay Mr. Wade,”

“This subordinate will definitely teach them with all I have learned, and will never hide anything!”

Charlie was very satisfied with his attitude,

Most of them People in martial arts cherish the arts they practice very much,

And they are unwilling to pass them on to strangers under any circumstances.

Moreover, martial arts skills are not only the undisclosed secret of a fighter,

But also a detailed summary of all his martial arts characteristics.

If one’s martial arts skills are mastered by the enemy,

The chances of the enemy defeating him will be greatly increased.

Therefore, in the field of martial arts, most of the martial arts methods are not passed on to the outside world,

But are only passed on to one’s own descendants and clan members.

And for some martial arts sects, they will also divide martial arts skills into several parts.

The outer disciples can only learn a small piece of fur,

While the inner disciples can learn some essence,

But if really want to learn the sect.

All mental methods in the sect must be exposed to the most trustworthy closed disciples to be possible.

Charlie asked Jackson to teach these dead men and Cavalry guards.

Even if a normal person would agree, he would definitely hesitate and even struggle.

However, Jackson didn’t hesitate at all, and he didn’t intend to hide his secrets.

Just from this point, it can be seen that this person is sincerely obedient and full of sincerity.

So, Charlie nodded, looked at him, and asked with a smile:

“I’ve been trapped in the Ming Realm for so many years, shouldn’t you be very anxious?”

“Yes…” Jackson nodded sincerely and said:

“I’ve been trapped for decades, and it’s really worrying.”