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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 517 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 517 Start

Fredmen couldn’t look down on the old Mrs. Willson, so it was impossible to manage the life and death of the Willson family.

Now he just wants to return to Eastcliff quickly, and then visit Eastcliff’s famous doctor to see if he can heal.

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson still wanted to come over and beg for a few words, but Fredmen did not give her a chance at all and waved his hand directly: “Okay, I will go up and pack things now, so please do it yourself!”

Old Mrs. Willson’s face turned pale, and she continued to plead, “Mr. Willson, you can’t leave us behind. You know the current situation of our Willson family. Without your support, it will definitely collapse completely… “

With that, the Old Mrs. Willson winked at Wendy quickly.

Wendy also immediately pleaded: “Fredmen, grandma said yes, and you said before that you want to invest 80 million in the Willson family? Only 10 million has been given until now, which can’t solve the Willson family’s problems!”

As she said, he was busy and said again: “Why don’t you give us the remaining 70 million, so that we can continue to maintain it, and how we can go back to Aurous Hill in the future, we may already be relieved.” “

Others also looked expectantly. Fredmen could leave, but the money had to be given, otherwise the Willson family would be gone.

Harold also licked his face to Fredmen and said, “Fredmen, my sister has followed you. Who does not know that Aurous Hill is an upper class person? You also know that she is still an unmarried girl. She is your woman. You can’t watch her suffer when you are gone, right?”

What the Willson family didn’t expect was that Fredmen’s expression became even uglier after hearing this!

He cursed with a dark face: “Money, money, money, you three generations of grandparents, you know you want money every day! Even if I’m worthy of you if I didn’t take back your ten million, you still dare to ask me for money? dream!”

The Old Mrs. Willson still didn’t give up, she squeezed out a few tears and said, “Fredmen, you can do it well, without your help, our Willson family will be over!”

Others also pleaded, just like a beggar on the side of the road.

Fredmen was upset by the quarrel and directly slapped the Old Mrs. Willson with a slap: “One more nonsense, I will immediately ask the lawyer to seek compensation from you and ask you to refund the previous 10 million investment! You can figure it out!”

Old Mrs. Willson covered her face, and she didn’t dare to speak anymore.

What if Fredmen is really anxious and asks for the ten million?

As a result, she could only sigh in her heart, while watching Fredmen finish packing his luggage and leave with the bodyguard.

After Fredmen left, the five members of the Willson family fell into a sad atmosphere.

Old Mrs. Willson was upset, Harold and Wendy were perplexed, while Noah and his wife Horiyah had their own ghosts.

In fact, Noah still had some savings in his hands.

He himself had a deposit of about 10 million. Later, the 5 million that Fredmen gave to Wendy also went into the pockets of the couple. This 15 million was for buying a house.

If he took the money out, he would be able to pay off most of the debts of the Willson family, but how could he be willing?

The current Willson family is a bottomless pit, and money is filled in, and there will be no return. In that case, why invest money?

Anyway, the company belongs to Mrs. Willson, and she is also responsible for the debt relationship. If the court seizes her villa and funds in the future, she will not find her own. If she owns this 15 million, she is considered to have it. A foundation for the elderly.

Thinking of this, Noah deliberately wanted to give the ball to Mrs. Willson, so he took the lead and said anxiously: “Mom, our bank and supplier still are to be paid a lot of debts. If they come to the door, what shall we pay back? Ah! I’m afraid that even this villa will be closed for auction by the bank. We have to prepare in advance…”