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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 516 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 516 Start

After Fredmen returned to the Willson family, they saw Fredmen coming back and hurriedly greeted him and said with joy: “Fredmen, you are finally back. Has the Wei family cured your illness?”

Fredmen said irritably, “The Wei family couldn’t cure my disease at all, so I asked Charlie to treat me in the end.”

“Charlie?” Wendy hurriedly asked: “Did he heal you?”

Fredmen sighed and said, “He’s just cured the fester, but it still can’t be used…”

Wendy said indignantly: “Then you shouldn’t let the Wei family go easily, especially that Barena. It was he who fooled you when you took their Wei family’s inferior medicine and caused you to suffer so much sin and so much suffering. Let them heal you for that too!”

Fredmen said with a cold face: “Charlie was here today, so I won’t continue to care about this matter with the Wei family. After I return to Eastcliff, I will ask the Wei family for an explanation!”

When Wendy heard this, she asked in surprise: “Mr…Fredmen, are you going back to Eastcliff?”

Fredmen glanced at Wendy, and said lightly: “Of course I have to go back. Hasn’t it been unlucky enough for me in Aurous Hill?”

When Wendy heard that the Great God of Wealth was going to leave, she was a little flustered, and quickly said: “But Fredmen, I don’t want to leave you, you take me to Eastcliff, okay.”

Wendy knew that the Willson family had no hope of turning over this time.

Fredmen promised to invest 80 million, but only 10 million was actually invested, which is not enough to repay the debt.

She now feels that she has nowhere to go. Aurous Hill already knows about being Fredmen’s lover. In the future, she wants to find a good person to marry in Aurous Hill, and the chance is almost zero.

Therefore, she can only hug Fredmen’s thigh tightly now, otherwise, she will not be able to turn over in her life.

However, how could Fredmen take her to Eastcliff, after all, he is a person with a family, otherwise his wife would not have a quarrel?

Besides, it is useless for Fredmen to ask Wendy now. He can only see but can’t eat. What’s the use?

Therefore, Fredmen said rudely to Wendy: “Eastcliff is not something you can go to. Honestly stay in Aurous Hill.”

Wendy panicked and blurted out: “Then what should I do?”

Fredmen said coldly: “What else can we do? The fate of the two of us is exhausted. As for whether there will be fate in the future, I will talk about it when I come back from Eastcliff one day.”

Fredmen was about to leave suddenly, and the entire Willson family was confused.

The Old Mrs. Willson also counted on Fredmen to make up for the 80 million promised. If Fredmen left at this time, it would be equivalent to kicking the Willson family into the abyss.

At that time, the Willson family had no other way to go except bankrupt.

Moreover, because the company still has a lot of debts that cannot be paid off, even the old villa of Mrs. Willson will not be able to keep it!

Therefore, Fredmen almost became the only life-saving straw for Mr. Willson, if he left, the Willson family would be in desperation again.

So, the Old Mrs. Willson was blushing, begging to Fredmen, “Fredmen, if you leave, our Willson family will be over. We are your own family. Wendy has followed you again. You can’t leave her behind!”

Having said that, the Old Mrs. Willson said busy: “Fredmen, why don’t you take her back to Eastcliff, she will be by your side in the future, and everything will be yours!”

Noah also begged and said, “Yes, Fredmen, you are in Aurous Hill these days, our Willson family treats you in every possible way. My father saved your father’s life, so you should do your best and take her to Eastcliff.”

Fredmen looked at the Old Mrs. Willson and Noah, with a look of disgust flashing in his eyes, and said coldly: “Joke, we are not relatives, why are you following me to Eastcliff?”

Speaking of this, Fredmen said again: “Furthermore, although your Old Master did save my father back then, I invested 10 million in your Willson family, and it can be regarded as paying off this favor. So from now on, we will owe each other No debt!”