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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5158 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5158 Start

Behind this wall, there is a large machine room,

Which is actually a heavy elevator equipment and operation room,

In the machine room below, is a large lift cage.

Leroy led the crowd up to the cage, using his iris to start the cage,

Then the cage will take the crowd, and continue to the depths of minus six hundred meters altitude drop.

In the process of the cage downward running, Leroy said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, all the safety equipment here is one-way, just now the hidden door,”

“As well as this lift cage, only we can operate from the outside, in addition,”

“After the cage goes to the bottom, there is a door that opens from the outside,”

“Also only we can open from the outside. “

Charlie asked him: “This should be the only access to the outside world from the dead man’s quarters, right?”

“That’s right.” Leroy nodded and said: “the dead can only rely on a passage in and out,”

“But their premises and a large number of steel ventilation ducts,

But the thickest internal diameter of those ducts is only eleven centimeters,”

“People simply can not get out, so they also have no possibility of escape,”

“Even if they can open the door underneath, it is impossible to climb up this 100-meter-high shaft,”

“Even if the climb up, the cage is always tightly blocked at the mouth of the shaft,”

“They simply can not get out, so this place has been put into use for so many years,”

“There has not been a breakout situation.”

Saying that Leroy continued: “Of course, this has to do with the poison in their bodies,”

“Even if they go through a lot of trouble to escape from here,”

“Without the antidote, within a week is certain death.”

Charlie nodded, in his heart sighed a little more at the living environment of the dead soldiers.

In this underground six hundred meters, for years and months without seeing the sun,

This kind of living must be tormenting for them.

As May 47 said, many dead soldiers’ children were born here,

And from birth to the time he started working for the organization at the age of twenty,

He didn’t even have the chance to see the sunlight during the twenty years in between.

Thinking about this, how to solve the life of these dead soldiers,

And the families of the dead soldiers in the future, it becomes a relatively tricky problem.

Charlie naturally did not want to continue to let them live in the six hundred meters deep underground,

But this copper mine in the eyes of the outside world is the size of a few hundred people,

So if he gets these people to the ground, the buildings on the ground can not carry so many people at all.

At this point, the cage has come all the way to the very bottom.

After walking out of the cage, there is a transition area of about 40 square meters,

The so-called transition area, the back end connected to the cage,

The front end is connected to the last gate where the dead men are kept.

Leroy took out a key from his pocket, inserted the key into the lock hole,

And then went through the pupil comparison,

And then heard a click from the gate, followed by a slow opening outward.

And the moment this iron door opened, Charlie was a little disoriented by the sight in front of him.

What appeared in front of him was an underground square of at least tens of thousands of square meters,

The height of the square was at least fifteen meters, every ten meters or so,

There was thick weight-bearing pillar support,

And the lights on the top, the whole square illuminated like daylight!

The passage in front of Charlie was not at the bottom of the square,

But in the middle of the vertical side of the square.

When he stepped out, in front of him was a round and outward poking platform,

Which was seven or eight meters from the ground, and seven or eight meters from the top.

When he stepped on the platform, seven or eight meters from his feet on the ground of the square,

There were thousands of people standing neatly and uniformly.

At this time, thousands of people suddenly all knelt down on one knee

And shouted respectfully under their breath, “Welcome Lord Special Envoy!”