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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5156 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5156 Start

Charlie pointed at the seven people and said aloud:

“These seven people, who were once your fellow soldiers,”

“Had decided to pledge their allegiance to me in Norway some time ago,”

“And now I am bringing them back so that they can return to the Cavalry Guard and go to fight alongside you!”

Those seven people were also excited at this time.

To be able to come back was something that was previously unthinkable.

What’s more, right now, Charlie already had complete control of the situation here.

Not only were they able to return, but they were even able to reunite with their loved ones here!

This was definitely the best outcome for them.

Charlie then said: “I announce that from today, all the Cavalry guards will be reorganized,”

“With Leroy Li as the commander of the Cavalry guards,”

“The right banner commander will remain unchanged, the left banner commander and the middle banner commander,”

“Leroy will nominate five people each, and then you will vote internally,”

“To choose the person with the highest number of votes from the five people to serve!”

“In addition, the Cavalry Guard from today, to set up a cabinet,”

“The maximum number of the cabinet is eleven people, in addition to the commander,”

“Left, center, and right banner chiefs, the other seven people,”

“By secret ballot elected by all members, in the future,”

“All internal affairs of the Cavalry Guard, in principle, by the cabinet to develop,”

“Can get at least six votes out of eleven people can be implemented within the Cavalry Guard!”

The crowd did not expect that Charlie would really let them form internal self-government,

Their hearts are naturally excited.

And Charlie pointed to Joseph, said indifferently:

“This is Joseph Wan, the master of the Cataclysmic Front,”

“In the future, he will be in charge of the affairs here on my behalf.”

“But don’t worry, as long as it doesn’t affect our cooperation and position,”

“Joseph will not abuse his veto power.”

The crowd naturally did not have any comments on this,

After all, they are now considered Charlie’s subordinates,

Military discipline in the military, military orders like a mountain,

Any affairs of subordinates, strictly speaking, require the approval of superiors,

Not to mention that Charlie has given them considerable autonomy,

Which has fully demonstrated respect for them.

Then, Charlie continued, “Right now, the first matter that needs to be decided internally”

“By you is about how these traitors should be handled.”

Immediately, someone from the Cavalry guards below shouted, “Kill them, traitors!”

Immediately after that, someone else also immediately echoed, “Yes! Kill them!”

Soon, many more people shouted slogans in excitement, wanting to kill all these traitors.

But Charlie said very seriously: “It is not suitable to make a decision in the heat of the moment,”

“I give you three days to form a cabinet, and then give you three days to discuss the treatment of these people,”

“I hope you can calm down and discuss the punishment of these people.”

“At that moment whatever decision you make, I will respect your opinions.”

In Charlie’s opinion, if the Cavalry guards were not stopped,

None of these twenty people would survive.

However, if he really let them kill all these twenty people,

He felt that it is somewhat overkill.

Therefore, it is better to let them calm down and then discuss this issue carefully,

When they will not interfere with their judgment,

If they finally decide to put all these people to death, then they also respect their opinions.

After hearing these words of Charlie, Leroy said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, don’t worry, your subordinate understands!”

The others also said in a loud voice, “Your subordinates understand!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said to Leroy,

“First, arrange for them to be escorted down under strict supervision,”

“And you take me down to the copper mine to meet the dead soldiers!”