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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5150 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5150 Start

After all, even if they take the antidote, the poison in their bodies will not really be lifted,”

“And when the envoy speaks the truth, they will still have to behave?”

“At that time, even if they know that we have already shown our heart to the envoy,”

“So what? In any case, they will either be executed or put under our command, so what are you afraid of?”

The man immediately realized and said, “Brother Ma is wise!”

“It seems that today is really a good opportunity for our brothers to soar to great heights!”

“Everything depends on Brother Ma’s guidance, and we will definitely listen to your orders in the future!”

Shane nodded in satisfaction and said smilingly:

“With these words from my brothers, it is not in vain.”

“Everyone hurry back to prepare towels, we will see you in the staff auditorium!”


Just when all the Cavalry guards started to prepare to go to the staff auditorium,

Joseph and his group had successfully landed and quietly went around the back side of the copper mine.

Charlie ordered the special envoy, Reverend, and the two sectional ambassadors,

To personally go to meet them and bring the group directly to the office building.

Except for Joseph, the others stayed in the conference room for the time being,

While Joseph, accompanied by Reverend, stepped into the office where Charlie was.

After entering the office, Joseph respectfully bowed slightly to Charlie and said,

“Mr. Wade, all the subordinates have arrived and are waiting for your further instructions.”

Charlie nodded and said, “I have asked the Cavalry guards to gather in the auditorium,”

“According to the plan, we will first uncover the traitors within the Cavalry guards,”

“And then hold a mobilization meeting for them, at that time,”

“You will take those seven Cavalry guards and listen to my orders in the background.”

Joseph said without thinking, “Okay Mr. Wade, this subordinate understands!”

After saying that, he clasped his fist towards Charlie and subconsciously glanced,

At the few people standing motionless in the room.

This look does not matter, he looked at one of the middle-aged and elderly,

Greatly shocked out of breath: “Master? Why are you here?!”

The one he called Master was one of the guards beside the sectional governor.

Charlie previously did not pay much attention to this person,

After all, this person’s cultivation is only in the Ming realm, so Charlie also did not take it to heart.

However, he did not expect that this person would be the master of Joseph.

He frowned and asked, “Joseph, this person, is he really your master?”

“Yes!” Joseph subconsciously nodded and said, “He is my ideal master Jackson Qiu……”

After saying that, he looked at the middle-aged old man and said offhandedly,

“Master, don’t you recognize me?! I’m Joseph!”

Charlie said indifferently, “His mind is now under my control.”

Joseph’s entire body was suddenly stunned and asked offhandedly,

“Mr. Wade, my master he …… he also joined that organization?!”

Charlie nodded and smiled sarcastically,

“Joined, but it seems that his status is somewhat low, and he can’t even speak here.”

After saying that, Charlie looked at Jackson and ordered, “You, come here!”

When Jackson heard Charlie’s order, he hurriedly walked to the front.

Charlie looked at him, waved his hand in front of him,

And then withdrew the aura controlling him.

The moment Jackson regained his senses, he stared at Charlie with a face full of horror and questioned offhandedly,

“What exactly did you …… do to me?!”

Charlie pointed to Joseph beside him and asked, “Do you still know this person?”

Only then did Jackson look at Joseph, and the whole person was even more stunned!

He looked at Joseph for a long time before he asked in shock:

“You …… you are Joseph Wan?!”

Joseph knelt down on one knee and said respectfully,

“Master, it is precisely your disciple Joseph!”

Jackson subconsciously asked, “What cultivation level are you …… now?”

“Why can’t I see your cultivation level? Could it be that ……”

“Could it be that you have exceeded the Ming Realm Great Perfection?!”

Joseph looked at Charlie and said truthfully, “Back to the master,”

“This disciple is fortunate enough to be brought up by Mr. Wade and has now crossed over to the Dark Realm!”

“What?!” Although Jackson had subconsciously realized that this would be the case,

He was still shocked when he heard Joseph say it himself.

His eyes widened as he subconsciously said, “This …… is simply impossible!”

“I have been stuck in the Ming realm for nearly thirty years without being able to break through,”

“You and I have only been separated for a year, how can you break through the Ming realm,”

“From an eight-star martial artist all the way to the Ming realm and cross into the Dark realm?

Joseph respectfully said, “Master, I just said that it was all thanks to Mr. Wade who gave me the chance.”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but ask,

“Master, weren’t you going to travel in the clouds? Why are you here?!”

Jackson had already realized that the mysterious young man in front of him,

Who was called Mr. Wade by Joseph, must be an expert with heavenly strength,

And that he had just been controlled by him in a daze,

Which showed that his tactics were already infinitely higher than his own.

Hearing that he had given his disciple Joseph a heavenly chance,

He couldn’t help but ask respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I wonder what your identity is?”

Charlie said indifferently, “You are not qualified to ask about my identity yet.”

After saying that, Charlie asked in a cold voice: “You haven’t answered the question that Joseph just asked you.”

Jackson was shaken and said: “I entered the world to find a chance to break through to the Ming realm,”

“And by chance, I met the sect leader here in North Africa, and when he saw that my cultivation had reached the Ming realm,”

“He persuaded me to join the Warriors Den, and promised that after three years of service in the Warriors Den,”

“He would recommend me to join the Warrior Camp.”

“To join the Warriors Den to take a special poison, and need to take the antidote for life to save life ……”

Joseph was surprised and asked, “Master, what kind of organization is the Warrior camp?”

Jackson explained, “The Warrior Camp is the base for cultivating the Dark Realm experts of the Warriors Den,”

“Every martial artist who has reached the full circle of the Bright Realm can successfully break through,”

“And step into the Dark Realm after joining the Warrior Camp ……”

Joseph couldn’t help but say, “Master, according to what your disciple currently knows about this organization,”

“This organization with a history of several hundred years seems to be very evil,”

“Why would you join such an organization to work for them?”

Jackson sighed with a sigh, “Because I wanted a breakthrough! Once upon a time,”

“I was also the most popular genius martial artist, in my thirties,”

“I made great progress, cultivating to the Ming realm, but who would have thought that I would be stuck in the Ming realm for thirty years……”

“In the past thirty years, I have been thinking about breaking through to the last level,”

“But how easy is it to break through to this big realm, so many years I have not been able to do what I want ……”

Said, Jackson said: “Warriors Den will promise to let me break through to the dark realm,”

“At that moment I did not have any hesitation, immediately agreed to them,”

“For me, my biggest goal in life was to be able to step into the dark realm,”

“This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, how could I not grasp …… “

Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but ask Joseph: “Joseph, why are you doing here?!”

“Could it be that the Cataclysmic Front has become enemies with the Warriors Den?”

Joseph arched his hands towards Charlie and respectfully said,

“Back to Master, disciple and tens of thousands of troops of the Cataclysmic Front have sworn their loyalty to Mr. Wade,”

“And the reason why disciple is here is that Mr. Wade wants to completely eradicate the Warriors Den that you are talking about!”

Jackson subconsciously looked at Charlie and said frankly:

“Young brother, although I have joined the Warriors Den for only one year,”

“But as a leopard in the tube, a glimpse to know the whole panther,”

“The strength of the Warriors Den is too much stronger than the Cataclysmic Front,”

“The entire Warriors Den alone has nearly a hundred Dark Realm experts,”

“And there are even said to be Masters of the Realm of Transformation,”

“This strength is not the Cataclysmic Front can shake,”

“Let the Cataclysmic Front fight against the Warriors Den, like an ant shaking a tree, it will be unbearable!

Hearing this, Charlie smiled faintly and said indifferently:

“Even if it is a huge tree, so what? I will cut off all its branches and buds one by one,”

“And then uproot it and trample it under my feet!”