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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 515 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 515 Start

Rejuvenation Pill, to ordinary people, can indeed be regarded as an elixir.

After all, this thing can really make people younger and even extend their life.

However, to Charlie, this pill was nothing special. Even if it was a rejuvenating pill, it was just a relatively low-level pill recorded in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

This time, he refined a total of 30 pills. He prepared one part for himself to use to strengthen his body, and the other part. If there is someone who is more obedient and sensible, he can reward one with.

Although Tianqi is very old and an old senior in the field of traditional medicine, in Charlie’s eyes, he is actually only half of his disciple.

He wholeheartedly hopes to be by his side and repay him for his kindness in rebuilding. In many cases, although he can’t help too much, but fortunately, he has a sincere heart. Coupled with his old age, giving him a rejuvenation pill is also a favor.

So he said to Tianqi: “Don’t be reluctant to take this medicine, and don’t keep it, take it tonight, and then get a good sleep.”

Tianqi suppressed the excitement in his heart and said respectfully: “I understand, Master!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “I hope you will be healthy and youthful and make more contributions to ordinary people in the Clinic.”

Tianqi said immediately: “Mr. Wade can rest assured, I opened the clinic, not to make money, but to treat patients and save people, patients are never charged for medical treatment, and only charge for medicine. If the family has difficulties, medical expenses are often exempted!”

Charlie said with satisfaction: “This is a good thing, keep it up.”


When Charlie just returned home, Fredmen, who was finally cured of the root ulcer, left the People’s Hospital and returned to Willson’s house.

The reason why he came to the People’s Hospital was mainly to find a doctor for another diagnosis and see if he was really well.

The doctor also found it very miraculous. This was a serious ulcer that was about to be amputated, but he didn’t expect it to be abruptly restored.

After going through a series of inspections and confirming that the ulcer was cured, Fredmen was completely relieved.

After leaving the hospital, Fredmen looked up at Aurous Hill Sky, and shook his head bitterly.

He felt that the aura of Aurous Hill was not compatible with him, so he planned to pack his luggage and return to Eastcliff immediately.

Aurous Hill has become Fredmen’s sad place. If it is not necessary, he will never want to come back in his life.

Before coming to Aurous Hill, he was a dragon and phoenix among the people;

After coming, he lost his male prowess.

Not only that, but also suffered all kinds of humiliation, and even almost lost the most precious thing, but what did he get?


Even the young and beautiful Wendy, after only a few days of getting started, he completely lost the ability to get started.

And he spent 15 million to live a happy life in those few days!

Thinking about it now, Fredmen still feels pain.

Where did Wendy know that she was already the woman with the least value for money in Fredmen’s eyes.

She has been waiting for Fredmen to come back, waiting for Fredmen to regain his glory.