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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5140 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5140 Start

When they heard this, they breathed a long sigh of relief.

The young man at the head said gratefully, “Thank you, Lord, for your generosity,”

“And thank you, envoy, for your kindness! We will be brave after knowing the shame,”

“And we will bow and die for the organization!”

Charlie nodded, stretched out his hand, patted him on the shoulder,

With a trace of aura into the other party’s brain, Charlie said blandly:

“Very well, but from now on, what I say, you will do, do you understand?”

The young man’s eyes stagnated, and then said without thinking, “Understood!”

The few people behind him were still a bit confused at this point,

Wondering why this envoy would say such words to the sect leader.

After all, in the Warriors Den, the Lord was the only supreme being,

No one was allowed to disobey, not to mention the following,

But the words of this envoy lord seemed to be trying to cultivate his own beloved within the organization.

Charlie saw several people hesitate, deliberately sneered, and asked:

“What? A few of you are not willing to serve me like him?”

The middle-aged man said without thinking, “I only follow Lord’s lead!”

Charlie smiled and nodded, saying lightly, “You are indeed loyal!”

“Seeing that you are so loyal to Lord, I can also rest assured.”

Charlie’s words made several people slightly relieved,

Thinking that he was just testing their loyalty to the organization.

Charlie walked up to several people at this time, stretched out his hand, and shook hands with them individually,”

“And only after each person’s brain had been fed with his own aura,

He cleared his throat and said in a stern voice to several people,

“From now on, your only mission is to serve me, do you understand?”

“Understood!” Several people had already been completely psychologically implied by Charlie at this time,

One by one, they respectfully agreed to do so.

After controlling these people, Charlie began to prepare for the execution of his plan.

Through his understanding of the Warriors Den, he could conclude that the dead soldiers,

As well as their families were inevitably filled with hatred for the Warriors Den deep inside.

Therefore, as long as he could cure the severe poison in their bodies, they would definitely be turned back by him.

However, the group of Cavalry guards, relatively speaking, should be more cautious.

Because although the Cavalry guards were also born as dead soldiers,

But after all, some Cavalry guards had already obtained relatively free status.

And had entered the promotion ladder tailor-made for them by the Warriors Den,

So there must be people in this group who had already inclined their hearts to the Warriors Den.

And decided to make a big career in the organization by their own efforts.

So, Charlie came up with an idea to hoe the traitors.

He planned to have these managers call the people in charge of the Cavalry Guard

At all levels to come here first and have them take their medicine here.

After they have taken the medicine, then give them a chance to talk directly with their own “special envoy” without making a sound.

Charlie brought the antidote, as long as these Cavalry guards take,

The body of the poison can be instantly disintegrated, at that time,

If anyone after taking the medicine, keeps their secrets, silent to leave,

It is inevitable to Warriors Den will have reservations.

However, if anyone comes to tell a secret to him immediately after taking the medicine,

Then this person’s heart must have fully fallen to the Warriors Den.

Through such means, although he cannot determine whether those who have reservations are really at odds with the Warriors Den,

He can at least screen out the traitors in the Cavalry Guard first.

So, he asked the sectional ambassador, “How many people are in charge of the Cavalry Guard at all levels?”

Without thinking, the sectional ambassador said, “There is one commander,”

“Three banner commanders, nine battalion commanders, and twenty-seven captains in the Cavalry Guard.”

After saying that, he added: “However, the last mission lost a commanding officer,”

“A battalion commander and two captains who are missing.”

Charlie nodded and said indifferently, “Divide the remaining into three groups,”

“Bring the ones in one group here first, prepare a room for them next door, and let them take their medicine there.”

The sectional ambassador immediately said respectfully, “Your subordinates will arrange this!”

Charlie gave a hmph and instructed, “After you bring the people here, come and find me here.”

“Okay lord envoy!”


Waited for about a few minutes.

The sect ambassador hurriedly returned and respectfully said to Charlie,

“Lord Envoy, the first group of twelve people has arrived, please come to the meeting room!”

Charlie nodded, wrapped in his black robe, and led by the sectional ambassador to the large conference room next door.

At this moment in the conference room, there were already twelve apprehensive middle-aged men sitting there.

These men were all the heads of the Cavalry Guard at all levels.

When Charlie stepped in, all of these people had very nervous expressions.

Charlie walked up to the top of the conference table,

Looked at the twelve Cavalry Guards, and said indifferently,

“Gentlemen, thanks to the benevolence of the Lord, a new antidote is been given to all the Cavalry Guards,”

“And the reason I called you all here today is that I hope you can try this new medicine first.”

Upon hearing the new antidote, the expressions of all the people were astonished.

At this moment, they were all very surprised in their hearts.

Because, in their memory, they had never heard of the organization replacing a new drug.

Charlie continued at this time: “Recently the storm clouds have changed suddenly,”

“I think you all have heard about it, the Cavalry Guard will face more difficult tasks in the future,”

“So your previous seven-day medicine effect has obviously been somewhat insufficient,”

“So Lord has prepared a new antidote for you,”

“The new medicine’s effect will be extended from seven days to fifteen days.”

Once the twelve people heard this, the doubts in their hearts were instantly dispelled.

Charlie took out the antidote he had prepared and said indifferently:

“All of you will take the medicine here this time, after taking the medicine,”

“I will interview all of you one by one in the next room, at that time,”

“You need to tell me the truthfulness of your feelings about taking the medicine,”

“I will record all your narratives and present them to Lord when I return!”