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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 512 Free Novel

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So he cried out in despair and collapsed: “No! I won’t go! I don’t want to go digging for ginseng in ghost places like Changbai Mountain!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and kowtowed his head and said: “Mr. Wade, please forgive me. I am willing to leave China and never come back. Never trouble Liang again. Please don’t let me go to Changbai Mountain.

Charlie didn’t give them a chance at all, and directly ordered the rest of the Wei family: “You, Wei family, listen to me. From now on, you have only two paths. Either follow Liang and work hard, and Liang will make sure Your own vested interests are met; or, follow these two to Changbai Mountain to dig ginseng!”

After speaking, Charlie’s expression was stunned, and he shouted: “I’ll give you ten seconds to stand in line. After thinking about whom to follow, you will stand behind whom!”

As soon as Charlie said this, everyone in the Wei family immediately moved.

However, they all stood behind Liang, all scrambling, without exception!

Youngzheng and Barena scolded angrily: “You gang of white-eyed wolves, our Wei family has really raised you for nothing!”

Everyone completely ignored the accusations of their father and son. As the saying goes, the tree fell and the wall fell and everyone pushed. The father and son had obviously lost power. At this time, the fool would not stand with them, and then follow them to Changbai Mountain to dig for a lifetime of ginseng!

Barena cried loudly, and Youngzheng on the side convulsed all over.

Seeing that the situation is over, Barena could only look at Liang, crying and begging: “Liang, my good brother, although we are not born to the same mother, we are the same father’s children anyway! Half of the blood on our bodies is the same, I am sorry. Poor brother, help me brother plead with Mr. Wade, and forgive me brother! From now on, the Wei family will be yours. I don’t need anything, as long as you don’t send me to Changbai Mountain!”

Liang looked at him coldly and said, “I will not disobey Mr. Wade’s decision for a sc*m like you! What’s more, you have not regarded me as a younger brother for so many years. You have insulted me and insulted my mother for so many years. I have hated you for a long time! Your fate today is entirely on your own account, I am too happy to be too late!”

Youngzheng said shiveringly: “Liang, why am I also your biological father? Would you not be afraid of thunder and lightning if you treat your biological father like this?!”

“Won’t be afraid!” Liang asked coldly: “It’s you. You have hurt so many women and betrayed so many of your own flesh and blood. Are you not afraid of retribution?”

Speaking of this, Liang said seriously: “Actually, you are already getting retribution! You know in your heart that you have not been alive for a few years. Even if a miracle happens, you may be able to live for a few more years, depending on your physical condition. , The period of living more is equal to suffering more! This is your retribution!”

“You…you…” Wei Yong was speechless, angrily for a while, his whole body coughing violently.

Charlie said indifferently: “Give you two an hour to prepare. After an hour, I will arrange for someone to take you to Changbai Mountain!”

After speaking, he immediately called Orvel and said: “Mr. Orvel, you arrange a few clever brothers, arrange two cars, let them pick up the Wei family father and son, and send them all the way to Changbai Mountain! “

Orvel immediately said: “Okay Mr. Wade, I will make arrangements!”

After speaking, Orvel asked again: “By the way, Mr. Wade, Why sending them to Changbai Mountain?”

Charlie said: “Send them to the village at the foot of Changbai Mountain. After that, you will buy them a small house that barely shelters the wind and rain, let the father and son live in, and buy them some rice, noodles, cereals and oil. They are the people of Changbai Mountain, and death is the ghost of Changbai Mountain. Even if they are cremated, the ashes must be buried at the foot of Changbai Mountain! Understand?”

Orvel blurted out: “Mr. Wade, I understand!”