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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5092 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5092 Start

Moreover, Helena was even ready to confess to him the moment he woke up.

But what she didn’t expect was that Charlie next to her didn’t move.

She hugg3d him subconsciously, but he still didn’t respond.

She was a little stunned for a while.

She didn’t know whether Charlie really hadn’t woken up,

Or whether he had woken up but was still pretending to be asleep on purpose.

She carefully looked at his profile, looked at his eyelashes that trembled with his breathing,

And listening to his breathing and heartbeat, she realized that he was really sleeping!

For a moment, Helena couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She really did not expect that, a man who was almost indistinguishable from a god in her own eyes,

Actually had a side like a baby, sleeping so sweetly, and being so well-behaved.

At this moment, for the first time, she also found some kind of intimacy with him.

So, she still hugged him tightly, stared at his profile at the same time,

And said softly, “Charlie… Do you know how much I love you in my heart?”

“If I have that I am lucky to be with you, let alone giving up the title of queen,”

“Even if I die immediately, I don’t think I will have any hesitation…”

Speaking of this, she suddenly smiled at herself: “If you hear these words,”

“You will definitely think that this woman must be lying?”

“After all, in the eyes of others, I am obviously addicted to power,”

“The biggest dream is to one day be able to wait for the Queen’s throne and let the world look up…”

Helena said, her eyes suddenly became red, and sighed: “You know, in fact,”

“I never thought that I would do it in my life. What is the queen, the reason why I crossed the ocean,”

“To marry the Wade family is not because I am greedy for glory and wealth,”

“I just wanted to sell my happiness in exchange for my mother’s safety.”

“If I refuse to marry Morgan, my mother would definitely have evaporated.”

“At that time, I could only save her life by obeying the arrangement of the family…”

“However, in the eyes of many people, including your cousin Morgan,”

“I was just a person for the sake of prosperity and wealth.”

“Crossing the ocean and trying to cling to his poor royal family,”

“I believe you must have thought so when we met for the first time, right?”

Speaking of which, her voice had become a little choked:

“As for ascending the throne and becoming a new Queen, this is not what I thought…”

“You helped me to stand out and solve Olivia’s threat. My biggest dream at the time was to be able to rescue my mother,”

“And then I wanted to go to China to settle together, even if you don’t have me in your heart,”

“I’d like to live around you, but I didn’t expect that you would let grandma give me the throne…”

With a sigh, she looked at him With a bitter expression and said,

“Do you know that I may be forced by you to be the most famous single woman in the world?”

“If I don’t have the chance to be with you in my life, I’m destined to be alone forever.”

“If I’m just an ordinary woman living in a corner of the world,”

“It doesn’t matter if I die alone, but you pushed me to the highly anticipated position of the Queen…”

“Do you want me to end up being a single old woman who lives alone in the limelight?”

“The whole world will laugh at me, and these unscrupulous media will definitely create a lot of fake news about me;”

“They will say that I am indifferent, they will say that I am gay,”

“And they will even frame me as having an affair with others.”

“At that time, all kinds of negative fake news will fly all over the sky,”

“And as the Queen, in order not to fall into a more and more dark situation,”

“I can only choose to be silent, it’s so long for a lifetime, you say, how do you compensate me?”

Speaking of this, she suddenly stood up and lay beside him,

Her clear eyes staring at Charlie all the time. , with a serious expression,

And even whispered with a bit of pleading: “Charlie, I don’t expect anything to be possible with you in this life,”

“I just want you to give me a child, a child that belongs to both of us,”

“My family, who has no successor, will need someone who has the same blood to inherit the lineage in the future,”

“And my life is too long, I also want to have someone to accompany…”

At this time, Charlie was still in a deep sleep,

He didn’t realize Helena’s arrival at all, let alone what she said in his ear.

At the same time, Helena was already deeply in love.

She took the initiative to lean towards Charlie, and her lips gently k!ssed him.

She was instantly immersed in this k!ss, unable to extricate herself,

And the impulse was like an invisible big hand, desperately pushing her to continue to step forward.

But at this moment, she looked at Charlie’s handsome and decent face,

But was always sleeping, and suddenly felt a little depressed.

She looked at him and asked him softly,

“If you wake up now and see me like this, you will be very disappointed…”