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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 509 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 509 Start

Youngzheng’s rebellion did not exceed Charlie’s expectations.

As long as there is more than one child in the family, it is difficult for parents to treat everyone fairly. This is human nature.

It’s as if the Old Mrs. Willson always felt that Claire didn’t want to leave Charlie because she didn’t know how to raise her. Wendy, who had always listened to her, naturally pleased her even more.

In Youngzheng’s eyes, he didn’t regard Liang as his own son at all. For so many years, he was only raised in the Wei family as a servant. How could he be willing to pass on the entire family business to him.

At this moment, Charlie looked at Youngzheng and asked him in a cold voice, “I will give you one last chance to give the chairmanship to the right person. You can speak after you think about it.”

Youngzheng sneered and said: “I don’t need to think about it. I’ll tell you again. I can’t give Liang the position of chairman! Let me tell you the truth. I never thought of giving him the position of chairman from the beginning, even if He saved the Wei family today, too. In my eyes, he will always be an illegitimate child who can’t make it to the table. A woman from a village in Changbai Mountain carries the waste of his birth!”

With that said, Youngzheng looked at Liang again and yelled: “And you, you are a dog who eats inside and out. I have raised you for so many years. I want you to be a dog in Wei’s family. You dare to covet the chairmanship. If I knew you had such wolf ambitions, I shouldn’t have brought you back, but after that woman died, I should have thrown you into a ravine of Changbai Mountain!”

Liang showed unwilling eyes and was extremely angry: “Youngzheng, you can insult me, but you can’t insult my mother!”

“Your mother?” Youngzheng said contemptuously: “A village girl at the foot of Changbai Mountain, who doesn’t measure her strength, still dreams of marrying me, thinking of her will only make me feel sick!”

Liang trembled with anger and violent blue veins, and shouted angrily: “Youngzheng, you have insulted my mother over and over again, I’m fighting with you!”

When he was about to rush up, Charlie suddenly stopped him and said lightly: “Don’t do anything with this kind of old crap. You, as the head of the Wei family and the chairman of Wei’s pharmaceutical company, will not let someone gossiping.”

When Charlie said this, all the people present were stunned.

Youngzheng was surprised at first, then laughed loudly: “You kid is really interesting, do you think you have the final say about the Wei family?”

Charlie nodded and said calmly: “Today I said he is the head of the Wei family, he is the head of the Wei family!”

Youngzheng said contemptuously: “Boy, you have cured Fredmen, I will forgive you once, now get out, I won’t care about you, otherwise, I will let you know that the Wei family is not easy to mess with!”

Barena also kept yelling from the side: “Charlie, I haven’t accounted for you the last time! If you don’t know how to promote today, then I will even count the benefits with you!”

Charlie stepped forward, slapped him in circles!

No one thought that Charlie would would do it!

Everyone in the Wei family is going to rush up. Not only is Charlie not afraid at all, but rather arrogantly coldly said: “You will listen to me. From today onwards, I, Charlie will officially chase Youngzheng and Barena and his son. I give killing order! Which of you is not afraid of death, you can stand for them. I don’t mind adding a few more names to the killing order!”

The chasing order in the underground world is like the “fantastic” in the Hong Kong movie. Once the chasing order is issued and a reward is added, the entire underground world will be mobilized to hunt down the victims for the high reward.

Now Ichiro, who is raising a dog in Orvel’s kennel, was ordered by his brother to kill in Japan. The reward amount is only 50 million. There are already countless people who are ready to move. If the reward is 50 million The heads of the Wei family father and son, then they will not be peaceful in this life.

When Youngzheng heard that Charlie was going to chase down him and his son, he immediately sneered: “Do you think you are great? My Wei family is worth at least one billion. I can take one billion out and give you another chase. A stronger killing order!”

Charlie said disdainfully: “You rubbish, you are not qualified to pursue the killing order.”

With that said, Charlie took out his phone and called Mr. Orvel directly!

Immediately, the phone was connected, and Orvel respectfully asked, “Mr. Wade, what are your orders?”

Charlie said: “Mr. Orvel, give me a chasing order. I want to hunt down Youngzheng and Barena his son! A reward of 100 million! It will take effect today at 12 o’clock in the morning!”

Mr. Orvel said immediately: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will tell the whole city!”