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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 507 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 507 Start

After suffering so many wrongs, Fredmen really wanted to go home.

Moreover, he knew that he could not find a way to restore his glory in Aurous Hill, so he wanted to return to Eastcliff again to see if he could find an expert.

One more thing is very important. His mother is nearly eighty-four years old. As the eldest son, he must go back to celebrate her birthday.

However, his mother asked him to invite Tianqi over, but now it seems that Tianqi still did not forgive him.

However, he still asked Tianqi tentatively: “Uncle, it will be my mother’s birthday banquet in a few days. I wonder if you can come to Eastcliff to enjoy it?”

Tianqi said blankly: “Fredmen, I have already told you that there is no relationship between me and the Willson family, so you don’t need to waste your tongue anymore about the birthday party.”

Fredmen sighed softly and nodded.

Even though he wanted to put Tianqi this bad Old Master on the ground, he still said very humblely: “Since Uncle has made a decision, Fredmen is not reluctant to force it. If this is the case, then I will return to Eastcliff first. .”

Tianqi nodded.

Fredmen glanced at him, then looked at Charlie, his teeth tickled with hatred, but still did not say a word, took his bodyguard, and left dingy.

Seeing that the plague god finally left, Youngzheng was completely relieved.

Moreover, he discovered that he actually got a good prescription because of a blessing in disguise.

It turns out that the root ulcer can be treated with a dozen traditional medicine soup and combined with his own urine treatment. This is amazing. If anyone has such a thing in the future, then he can completely treat him!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade is truly a Aurous Hill genius doctor, and his medical skills are admired. Today, thanks to Mr. Wade’s action, my Wei family can survive. The Wei family will remember Mr. Wade’s kindness forever. .”

The others also bowed their hands and saluted Charlie: “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for saving the Wei family in the fire and water. We are grateful.”

Charlie glanced at them, and said lightly: “I’m not here to hear that you are grateful to me.”

With that, Charlie pointed at Liang and said to Youngzheng: “Since Liang has solved your Wei family’s troubles, as you said, he should be the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals now, right? When are you going for the official announcement?”

When Youngzheng heard this, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes. He was the head of the Wei family. When was it the turn of an outsider to drink?

Besides, how could it be possible to get that wild species as the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals?

Barena on the side was also furious, this outsider was really too much! Helping that wild species to grab the chairmanship? Doesn’t he know that he is eldest son of the Wei family?

Liang, who had been insulted for half his life, was extremely excited at this time, and his eyes were full of gratitude when he looked at Charlie.

At this time, he already regarded Charlie as a second-born parent,


Youngzheng smiled at this moment, and said unhurriedly: “Mr. Wade, to tell you, this is the Wei family’s family affair, not to mention the appointment of the chairman of the board, which is of great importance, and we have to consider long-term considerations.”