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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 506 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 506 Start

The situation of this grandson at this moment, and the rich second generation who grabbed sh!t on YouTube some time ago, is really a match…

Fredmen drank it, wiped his mouth, and hurriedly said, “Where is the medicine? Quick! Give it to me!”

Charlie took a liter of thick black medicinal soup from the hand of his servant, and sprinkled in his fingertips a little bit of scraps that had just been picked from the pill.

Afterwards, he smiled and brought the medicinal soup to Fredmen, and said with a smile: “Come on, Fredmen, please!”

There was a strong smell in Fredmen’s mouth. At this moment, he couldn’t wait to cover up with a little other smell, so he picked up the soup and took a big sip.

This mouthful of medicinal soup hardly fainted him bitterly.

He had never tasted anything so bitter in his life. It was so d*mn bitter, like 10,000 bottles of licorice slices melted into this bowl of medicinal soup.

And this medicinal soup is not only bitter, but it also burns badly!

The tongue that burned in the mouth became numb, and then the whole mouth was numb.

Drinking into the stomach, the whole stomach feels like drinking sulfuric acid, burning uncomfortable.

However, at the same moment when he drank it, Fredmen immediately felt a different kind of heat spreading from his stomach to the bottom.

The pain there was relieved immediately!

Hey! What a f*cking god!

Fredmen was so excited, he didn’t care that the ghost was going to die, so he poured in.

When he drank it, the dregs in the bottom were as thick as black sesame paste, and when he drank it in, it was pasted in mouth. It was uncomfortable.

However, he swallowed all the dregs of medicine into his stomach for the sake of effect.

At this time, his entire mouth was numb to death. He didn’t know that at this moment his taste buds were burned out by the ghost medicine soup. What he eats in the next few months will definitely be tasteless. What’s more, the mouth his will always be numb, and the burning pain is enough for him.

More importantly, this medicine burns the stomach and intestines. In the next few months, he estimates that he will scavenge several times a day. In short, there will be sins.

However, Fredmen didn’t have the energy to experience the discomfort in other places now. He felt more and more that the painful part of the ulcer was refreshed and comfortable, and the whole person seemed to be much easier.

“It’s amazing, it feels effective!”

Fredmen was overjoyed and immediately took off his pants in front of everyone.

When he glanced at it, he was almost excited to shed tears, the place where the fester was originally present, healed quickly! This is really amazing!

At this time, Charlie said calmly: “Your ulcer should have been cured, but your nerves have been necrotic. It must be very difficult to regain your strength in the future, and I advise you not to take that medicine indiscriminately, otherwise Maybe there will be the same experience again.

Fredmen nodded repeatedly.

Since the roots began to fester, he no longer hopes to regain his glory, as long as he can let it stay there, he is already satisfied.

I’m fine now, my roots are kept!

Charlie said faintly at this time: “Fredmen, you should be grateful that at the auction that day, I took the 300-year-old premium purple ginseng, not you. Otherwise, with your condition. If you took the 300-year-old premium Purple ginseng, I’m afraid it will just rot away there, instantly. Giving you no time”

Fredmen was scared after a while.

At this moment, in front of Charlie, he didn’t dare to pretend to be forced, and he could only say respectfully: “Thank you, Mr. Wade for your rescue!”

Charlie said, “Since you have recovered now, there is no need to embarrass the Wei family, right?”

“Of course, of course!” Fredmen nodded repeatedly.

Although I have suffered a lot of crimes, since the roots have been cured, there is indeed no need to continue to talk to Wei’s.

Now he is full of sadness for Aurous Hill, as if he has come to Aurous Hill and his life has not been better.

At this time, his roots were also preserved. Deep down in his heart, he wanted to return to Eastcliff and leave the sad place of Aurous Hill behind forever…