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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5051 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5051 Start

When Elaine said that she had been released from prison,

Claire immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said excitedly,

“Mom, where are you now? Has Charlie contacted you?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Charlie is right in front of me,”

“And he let me out because of the relationship he helped me find.”

Claire was very happy, and said quickly, “Mom, then hurry back with Charlie.”

“Well, you don’t know how worried I was about you during this time!”

Elaine pursed her lips and said embarrassedly:

“That… Claire… Mom doesn’t want to come to Providence,”

“That place is really boring, why not I stayed in New York for a few days,”

“And I just met a friend in prison, and we came out on the same day,”

“And she invited me to stay in New York for a few days.”

Claire refused almost without hesitation after hearing this:

“Mom, don’t trust people outside. How did you get into the prison, haven’t you figured it out?”

“Those people outside don’t really want to be friends with you,”

“They only get close when they have plans for you!”

Elaine explained: “Oh no, Claire, the friend your mother met in prison is a very real person.”

“Like your mother, she was in prison after being framed by gangsters.”

Saying that Elaine moved out of the story of the compatriot she met in the prison, and sighed:

“Do you know how this sister got into the prison?”

“You may not believe it because she sold hairy crabs to the Chinese in here,”

“And the result was a stupid dog couldn’t buy it, he turned around and reported it to police,”

“And as a result, she was sent to prison!”

“How can you say that there are such bad people in this world?”

Claire, however, didn’t understand, but she still said worriedly:

“Mom, you finally got out of prison, I really worry that you are alone in New York,”

“Or you should listen to me and come back with Charlie. Come to Providence!”

Elaine said firmly: “Oh, Claire! Do you want to believe it?”

“There is absolutely no problem with seeing people this time.”

“Just I will be careful. What else can your mother do now to be deceived?”

After speaking, Elaine was afraid that Claire would not agree, so she stubbornly said:

“Anyway, I have already promised my sister that I will have a good time in New York for a few days!”

Claire said helplessly. : “Mom, then give Charlie the phone!”

“Okay.” Elaine hurriedly handed the phone to Charlie, then winked at him.

Charlie answered the phone and said, “Hello, wife.”

Claire on the other end of the phone asked,

“Husband, have you seen the friend Mom is talking about? Is she reliable?”

He can only say casually: “I have seen her, she’s quite reliable,”

“I also asked customers to help me in New York. Mom must be fine here, you can rest assured.”

Hearing Charlie’s words, Claire was relieved and said helplessly:

“Okay, with mom’s character, as long as it’s something she decides,”

“Even eight horses can’t pull it back. Since you think it’s reliable, then I won’t argue with her. “…”

After speaking, Claire said again: “Husband,”

“This time is really too hard for you, thank you for your troubles for mom!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said softly:

“Wife, do you still need to be so polite to me?”

“Besides, your mother is mom-in-law, this is my duty.”

Claire hummed softly and asked him,

“Husband, So when are you going to come back?”

Charlie thought to himself, his current mission in New York was completed,

And it was time to go back to accompany Claire, so he said,

“I’ll come back later, a few hours’ drive away. I’ll be there.”

Claire reminded: “By the way, husband, don’t forget to thank your customer.”

“They must have been worrying about helping us these days.”

“Why don’t you invite them to dinner in the evening,”

“If they have enough time, wait for it. We will drive back after dinner,”

“If we don’t have enough time, it’s fine to come back early tomorrow morning,”

“We can’t let others think we’ve been disrespectful.”

Charlie didn’t plan to invite Douglas to dinner,

But since Claire said so, he planned to explain it to Orvel and Issac first,

And let them stay at Shangri-La in New York for the time being.

So, he said to her: “Good wife, then I’ll make arrangements and come back as soon as possible.”

He hung up the phone and said to Elaine, “Mom, you are staying here these few days.”

“Take a good rest, I’ll go meet the client, and then go back to accompany Claire.”

“Go, go!” Elaine said with a smile: “Mom will definitely be taken care of here,”

“You and Claire, don’t worry about Mom!”

Charlie naturally didn’t worry about Elaine.

The treatment given to her by Douglas’s hospital is basically the highest level,

That only core members of the Fei family can enjoy.

Elaine recuperating here will definitely make her feel that her broken leg is worth the money.