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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 505 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 505 Start

But after only a moment, he wanted to understand the truth in Charlie’s words.

Since urine is a drug primer, it must be used to induce drugs, that is, he must drink urine first.

However, one liter is too much…

Fredmen felt his head as big as a fight when he thought of this.

Charlie smiled and said at this time: “This matter can’t be delayed. If you really suck it up by yourself, don’t blame me for not saving you.”

Fredmen shuddered in shock, and blurted out: “Okay! I listen to you!”

Charlie nodded and said to Youngzheng, “Mr. Wei, please drink more water first, and also, quickly arrange for someone to boil the medicine.”

How dare Youngzheng nod, he hurriedly nodded and said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I’ll go drink more water…”

Fredmen sighed, already admitting his fate.

To him, healing the fester is more important than anything else.

Charlie was particularly happy at this time.

To treat Fredmen’s ulcer, what kind of pee and the most bitter thing are important?

As long as a little bit of medicine dregs is removed from the pills he refined before, he can heal his fester.

The reason why he told him that he was asked to use Youngzheng’s urine as a medicine was to cheat him.

After a while, the entire Wei family was filled with the extremely bitter taste of traditional medicine, and the bitter throat was dry and mouth astringent after just smelling it. It was hard to imagine how uncomfortable it would be to drink it.

A few large pots of water were boiled on a high fire and boiled into a liter of concentrated black medicinal soup, which looked no different from oil.

Youngzheng hadn’t returned yet after the herbal soup was boiled.

Fredmen was waiting anxiously, so he ordered someone to urge him.

Youngzheng has worked hard. He is old and his kidney is not good. It is really painful to drink so much water in one breath and force himself to urinate.

After waiting for another twenty minutes, Youngzheng finally made up one liter and hurried in, clutching his nose.

“Mr. Wade, one liter of urine is enough!”

Charlie was afraid that the smell would suffocate him, so he immediately stayed away, clutching his nose and said to Fredmen: “Come on, drink this first, and then drink the medicine!”

“Ok!” Fredmen nodded hurriedly.

The severe pain there made him realize that this matter was urgent, so he did not dare to delay, and directly took the big bottle of orange liquid from Youngzheng’s hands.

Barena on the side looked nauseous, seeing Fredmen want to drink this thing, he immediately involuntarily remembered his licking of the urinal in the brilliant club.

Every time he thinks about it, he will inevitably want to nauseate.

Fredmen also wanted to vomit.

Youngzheng, this bad Old Master, was really willing to give it to him. With a large cup of one liter, the liquid level was even a few millimeters higher than the scale of one liter.

But when he thought that this thing could save his life, he didn’t dare to delay a little bit. He hurriedly picked it up, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and directly poured it down!

In an instant, the inside of Fredmen’s mouth exploded, and the whole mouth and nose were filled with a strong odor. He just wanted to vomit when he was sick.

“Gulp Gulp……”

Fredmen almost couldn’t hold back, almost vomiting out, but because of fear of affecting the effect of the medicine, he hurriedly covered his mouth and swallowed again!

The others are almost throwing up.