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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 5042 Free Novel

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And at the same time handed a fried chicken leg in front of her, and said,

“In this kind of place, no one can believe it, especially when you go out.”

“You have to be more vigilant when you are outside.”

Elaine said aggrievedly: “I really didn’t expect these people to be so shameless.”

The woman smiled and said lightly: “What is this… This is nothing, your stay here has been too short,”

“If you stay longer, you can encounter anything.”

After speaking, she asked Elaine, “Do you know how I got in?”

Elaine shook her head, blankly. Ask: “How did you get in?”

The woman laughed and said, “Because of selling hairy crabs…”

Elaine asked inexplicably, “How can you sell hairy crabs and get to prison?”

The woman shook her head and said, “You don’t know that hairy crabs are an invasive species,”

“In this part of the United States. Selling hairy crabs here is essentially illegal.”

Elaine asked in surprise: “You still sell and you break the law?”

The woman smiled bitterly: “In the past, everyone sold it secretly,”

“And all of them were sold to the Chinese. You know, we Chinese love to eat hairy crabs,”

“Especially when people in the United States miss the bite of their hometown,”

“So we find some channels to import a batch of crabs. Coming here, on the one hand,”

“You can make some money, and on the other hand, you can help your compatriots get back the feeling of hometown,”

“And this kind of business is carried out in private, only in the Chinese circle, and it has always been safe… .”

Elaine hurriedly asked: “Since it’s been safe all the time, why is there still an accident?”

The woman sighed: “I bought a batch of hairy crabs some time ago.”

“Because the quality was good and the price was not too expensive, they sold very well and quickly,”

“A Chinese man heard about it and drove a long distance to buy it,”

“But it was sold out by the time he came.”

“He was so angry that he called the police, and the police immediately arrested me.

Elaine was stunned and blurted out: “How can such a thing happen?!”

“Yeah.” The woman laughed at herself and said, “So like I told you just now,”

“You must always be vigilant, don’t trust anyone.”

After speaking, she lowered her voice and said seriously: “When you helped them in their earlier,”

“I wanted to find an opportunity to remind you, but I haven’t spoken to you.”

“Individuals are not bullied like they told you. In fact, they have always wanted to compete with that woman for the position of the cell boss,”

“But because the number of people was a little different, and the methods are not as ruthless,”

“They are always being bullied. The other party suppressed them and never got their wish.”

“Later, when they saw that they couldn’t beat the other party,”

“They ran to ask you for help. You directly let that woman be maimed, and they became the boss.”

Elaine heard this. She trembled, gritted her teeth, and said:

“Dmn, these people are so good at acting! They knelt in front of me and cried,”

“And said that that woman has been bullying them and didn’t even treat them as human beings,”

“I thought they were really bullied, I thought they were pitiful to help them…”

The woman on the opposite side smiled slightly and said,

“There are basically not many poor people who can come here,”

“And most of them deserve what they deserve! You should take it as a lesson,”

“And you must polish your eyes up when looking at people in the future.”

Elaine was angry and regretful in her heart, but now she knew that regret had no meaning,

So she asked the woman, “Why did you tell me this?”

The woman said lightly, “I think you are not bad. Just a little crazy,”

“But at least there is a little conscience, otherwise it is impossible to help them for no reason, so I thought of reminding you.”

Elaine suddenly felt ashamed, and couldn’t help but choked:

“I should have known them earlier. So shameless, even if they die in front of me, I won’t reach out!”

Saying that she lamented: “I knew it would be like this,”

“I shouldn’t have been so high profile.”

“I don’t know how many people want to kill me, I’m really afraid I won’t survive today…”