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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 503 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 503 Start

“Using human urine?!” Fredmen immediately said with an embarrassed face: “This…isn’t this disgusting? Is it really necessary to use urine?”

Charlie snorted coldly: “Do you think I’m bluffing you?”

After that, he pointed to Youngzheng, and said, “You should have been in the medicinal material business for many years. I ask you, in many ancient recipes, do you want to use urine as a medicine?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Youngzheng nodded immediately, and said, “Many ancient recipes require urine as a medicine. In the south, there is even a tradition of using urine to boil eggs. It does have a certain health effect.”

Having said that, Youngzheng said to Fredmen: “Fredmen, don’t worry too much. urine in traditional medicine is a very pure thing and it is not dirty.”

Hearing that it was a boy peeing, Fredmen’s expression eased slightly.

He used to watch costume movies and TV shows. This boy has a high rate of appearance, so now he wants to come, not so disgusting.

However, when he had just accepted boy urine, Charlie suddenly said: “In fact, this drug primer cannot be used with boy pee, because boy pee is produced by the pure body that has never touched a woman, so boy pee energy is extremely strong, and you have blood stasis. If you use boy urine again, it will only aggravate your condition!”

When Fredmen heard this, he asked in amazement, “Mr. Wade, can it be done with a girl’s urine?”

“Nor for girls.” Charlie waved his hand and said, “To treat your disease, you have to use adult male urine, and this adult man must have slept with many women, the more the better! Because he has slept. The more women there are, the more cloudy the urine will be, and it will have an excellent effect on your blood stasis.”

Fredmen was stunned, and couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Wade, do you have a grudge against me, so you deliberately play with me? Why do I feel more mysterious as I listen?”

Charlie said calmly: “I, can swear with my life. If you do exactly what I said, your fester will be cured. If it doesn’t work, let the thunder hit me.”

After all, Charlie glanced at Fredmen disdainfully, and said: “That’s the end of the story. If you don’t believe me, then I have no other way.”

Seeing Charlie’s incomparable sincerity, Fredmen believed a little bit in his heart.

At this time, Charlie saw that he was still a little bit unbelieving, and said: “This way, so many people have witnessed that if my medicine is ready, if you drink it and it is not completely cured within ten minutes, I will give you 100 million.”

Last time at the auction of the traditional medicine Expo, Charlie spent 100 million on a 300-year-old purple ginseng, so no one doubts that he can bring forth another 100 million.

When Fredmen heard this, he felt that Charlie was probably not cheating him.

Otherwise, at the price of 100 million, he would drink a pee for himself, then he wouldn’t lose his life?

If he is really willing to give up, with a grit and a stomping, he can directly drink as the world’s first defeat!

So he gritted his teeth, for the sake of his own roots, blurted out: “Okay! Then as you say!”

Having said that, he thought about it for himself, and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, I have not used many women in my life, but there are a hundred smaller ones, so I should just drink my own urine?”

Charlie frowned and looked at him: “What do you think? If your own urine is useful, do you still need to drink it? It has already worked in your bladder!”

“Huh?” Fredmen blurted out: “I can’t use my own? Whose one should I use?”

Charlie looked around and said: “Come on, everyone who is present, please report how much experience you have in that area. Please answer honestly. Don’t brag, otherwise it will delay Fredmen’s treatment. Be responsible here!”