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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 502 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 502 Start

Everyone is just playing on the spot. If you are pregnant, you should get rid of it. What the h*ll is it when it is born?

Therefore, this is also the fundamental reason why he always hates Liang.

If it hadn’t been for his father to hear that there was a grandson living out and forced him to take him back, he would never want to see the wild species born by this rural woman!

Now, even if Liang made great contributions, he would not be able to hand the Wei family’s business into his hands. Is he not a sh!t?

However, Youngzheng did not reveal the slander and uncomfortableness in his heart. He just wanted to quickly send Fredmen away, the plague god!

So Youngzheng respectfully said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, please help Fredmen!”

Fredmen also looked at Charlie bitterly. He called him grandfather and apologized, wasn’t it just to cure his illness?

Otherwise, how could he endure and not get angry yet.

Charlie smiled playfully and said to Fredmen: “Come on, I’ll give you a pulse number.”

Fredmen hurriedly stretched out his wrist.

Charlie pretended to signal his pulse, and said: “This is because your body itself is going through blood stasis, the downward movement is not smooth, and you also took the medicine that promotes liver fire and kidney fire, which caused the accumulation of efficacy and caused ulceration, so It’s absolutely impossible to cure it simply by anti-inflammatory.”

Fredmen felt very reasonable, and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, how can you treat my disease?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “I need to make a bowl of medicinal soup with eighteen traditional medicines for your disease.”

As he said, he waved his hand: “Get a pen, I’ll give you a prescription!”

Fredmen got excited immediately and blurted out: “Great, great! Thank you Mr. Wade!”

After speaking, he hurriedly asked Youngzheng for paper and pen, and handed them to Charlie respectfully.

Charlie scribbled the most bitter and bitter traditional medicine with eighteen flavors, and prescribed a large dose.

Just this nonsense prescription, if he drinks a sip of the boiled medicine, it is estimated that the tongue will be bitter for three months and no other taste can be tasted.

After the prescription was written, Charlie directly handed it to Youngzheng and said, “Your Wei family is a pharmaceutical company. It should be easy to get this medicine for you?”

Youngzheng took a hurried look and saw that the medicinal materials above are relatively common, so he nodded and said, “All of these are available! I have them at home! I’ll let people get them!”

After that, he called a servant, handed him the prescription, and said coldly: “Go grab the medicine!”

“OK, lord!”

The servant hurried to grab the medicine according to the prescription, but Fredmen trembled with excitement, and blurted out, “Mr. Wade, can this medicine be made really, can it be done by boiling it in water and drinking it?”

Charlie nodded, and said unpredictably: “It can be good or it can not be good, but this medicine still lacks a drug primer.”

“Medicinal primer?” Fredmen asked hurriedly, “What do I need to use to make medicinal primer? Tell me, I will send someone to prepare!”

Charlie smiled and said, “You have a large amount of blood and qi, you need to use human urine as a medicine!”