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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 500 Free Novel

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Unexpectedly, this guy actually got together with Liang wild species!

Fredmen greeted him happily, but after seeing Charlie, his face immediately became difficult to look.

At the same time, his heart was suddenly upset.

The humiliation he suffered at the hands of Charlie was no less than Barena’s!

Originally, he regarded Charlie as a mortal enemy, but now that Charlie and Tianqi came together, he did not dare to pretend to be forced, because he knew that Tianqi, an old thing, seemed to have been poured into Charlie’s ambit and treated Charlie respectfully. If he offends Charlie again, he will definitely not care about it anymore.

Thinking of this, without saying anything, he immediately stepped forward and bowed to Tianqi and said: “Uncle, I made you angry before, it was all my fault. I now know I was wrong. Please heal me!”

Tianqi said nonchalantly: “I said that our two families will never have any relationship in the future, please don’t call me uncle again, I can’t afford it!”

After all, he pointed to Charlie next to him, and said respectfully: “Also, the person who will take care of you today is not me, but Mr. Wade!”

In Tianqi’s eyes, Charlie’s ability was almost close to God’s, and nothing else, his refined magic medicine alone, in Tianqi’s eyes, had surpassed all doctors and pharmacists in the world.

Therefore, Tianqi respects Charlie all the time and has a heartfelt respect for him.

When Fredmen heard this, he was immediately stunned, and looked at Charlie in disbelief: “Charlie, can you heal me?”

Charlie looked at Fredmen playfully, and said, “Fredmen, your attitude is not so good, do you still want your roots?”

Tianqi also frowned and said, “Fredmen, Mr. Wade is the only person in this world who can save you. If you still disrespect Mr. Wade, I hope you will not regret it in the future!”

As soon as Fredmen heard this, he immediately snorted in his heart!

The eight achievements of his illness were caused by Charlie, who made the tactics at the renovation summit, but he has not found any direct evidence.

What’s more, Charlie has humiliated him more than once! Let him call his father and grandpa!

It can be said that the person he hates most in this world is Charlie.

However, when he heard that Charlie was the only one who could save him, Fredmen immediately squeezed all the hatred in his heart, quickly changed his face, and said to Charlie with a flattering expression: “I was wrong, Mr. Wade, you Don’t take it to your heart, please help me and save my life!”

Charlie smiled faintly, looked at him and asked, “Fredmen, have you forgotten what I should be called?”

Fredmen gritted his teeth and thought to himself that if a man can bend and stretch, he will fight for roots!

So, he immediately knelt on the ground and said to Charlie: “Grandpa, what happened before was all my fault. Please don’t remember the villain’s fault, please help me!”

As he said, he still twitched his mouth for fear that Charlie would be angry and would not give him treatment.

The rest were dumbfounded, this is Fredmen!

The chairman of Future Company Group actually called a young grandfather?

What is the identity of this young man who can make the chairman of a large group bow his head so much? !

Charlie nodded in satisfaction at this time and said, “Not bad, you are getting more and more skilled in your business!”

Youngzheng and Tianqi all admired Charlie so much, but Fredmen even called Charlie grandfather, almost falling off his startled eyes.

He hurriedly stepped forward and complimented: “After hearing the name of Mr. Wade for a long time, I can’t think of seeing your true face today. It is really a master indeed! I strongly believe you can deal with Chairman Willson’s illness, please help him!”

Barena on the side couldn’t help but feel angry when he saw Charlie, so he gritted his teeth and said: “Dad, this grandson is not a master at all! I’ve asked about it a long time ago. He is just a feng shui god stick! Don’t believe him! It must be Liang, a wild species, who colluded with him to lie to you!”

Youngzheng shook his heart. Seeing Charlie frowned, he immediately slapped Barena with his hand.

What he didn’t expect was that when Fredmen, who was kneeling on the ground, heard this, he jumped up and slapped Barena too. The two of them, one left and the other on right, gave Barena a bow from left to right!