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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4993 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4993 Start

Ito Takehiko, who has been without legs for a long time,

And he has actually adapted to his lack of legs physically and psychologically.

Suddenly he had a pair of legs, and his consciousness and nervous system couldn’t even match those two legs.

Therefore, when he put his hand into the mud with zero visibility,

And suddenly touched two legs, his subconscious immediately concluded that it must be his own prosthetic limbs.

Because of this, he felt that the prosthesis was actually put into the bathtub,

And his first thought was naturally very angry, so he scolded him sharply.

He didn’t like the prosthetics, but being thrown into the mud like that,

Made him feel more like some sort of contemptuous prank.

The housekeeper at this time had an innocent face.

He pointed to the changing stool in the bathroom changing area and said,

“Master, there is your prosthesis!”

Ito Yuhiko turned his head to look, and was surprised to find that,

His set of the prosthesis is now bent over the changing stool.

He couldn’t help but wonder, then looked at the mud in front of him,

And said, “Then what are these leg-like things in here?!”

After speaking, he hugged one of them with both hands,

And said coldly, “Let me see what the hell is this!”

Immediately afterward, he suddenly held the thing with both hands and flipped it upwards,

And he felt that his whole body was thrown down uncontrollably.

The inside of the bathtub is originally arc-shaped,

And it is relatively stable when lying still, but once a person rolls in it with his legs in his arms,

The whole person will lose the center of gravity directly.

The housekeeper was also curious as to what was in the bathtub of Ito Takehiko,

But the next second Ito Takehiko instantly fell backward,

Slipped his upper body, and suddenly turned his back, and his whole head fell into the mud.

He saw that it was a foregone conclusion that his head fell into the mud.

Before his head fell into the mud, he subconsciously scolded again: “Ah! Baka!”

After he finished speaking, his head plunged directly into the mud.

Then, a few clumps of air bubbles rolled out from the surface of the viscous mud.

And as his head got into the mud, at the other end of the bathtub,

A foot and a half a calf suddenly came out of the water.

The housekeeper was dumbfounded when he saw the foot and half of his calf,

But before he could react, he was taken aback by Ito Takehiko who was submerged in the mud,

So he rushed forward and held him directly. And pulled him out of the mud.

After Ito Yuhiko got out with green mud on his face,

He immediately spit out a large mouthful of green mud,

And then coughed violently and uncontrollably.

The butler quickly found a towel to wipe his face for him,

And asked with concern, “Master, are you okay?”

Ito Yuhiko shook his head in embarrassment, and asked him weakly,

“How did I turn over just now?

“I just remembered in a trance just now, I saw a foot and half a calf.

So, he hurriedly said: “Master, I think you just picked up a foot and half a leg…”

Ito Yuhiko recalled the strange process just now, and he couldn’t understand if he pulled out a leg out of mud just now!

Moreover, it was still very real human legs!

Ito Yuhiko was so nervous, he quickly grabbed the edge of the bathtub with both hands,

And hurriedly pushed his upper body out of the mud, and then his legs kicked in uncontrollably.

But until this time, he still didn’t know that his legs had grown back.