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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 499 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 499 Start

As soon as he said this, everyone showed excited eyes.

Youngzheng’s eyes widened, and he tremblingly asked: “What did you just say? Who did Liang bring back?!”

A person shouted at the door: “Liang brought Tianqi to the genius doctor, and a young man! He has entered the yard!”

As soon as the voice fell, Youngzheng’s expression immediately changed from surprise to ecstasy!

Tianqi is here? !

Liang finally asked Tianqi to move? !

God! Is the Wei family finally saved? !

Fredmen stood up even more excited!

He didn’t even care about the needle for the infusion on the back of his hand, his eyes were red with excitement!

Since the roots began to fester, he actually felt vaguely in his heart that only Tianqi could keep his roots.

However, he also knew that Tianqi was very dissatisfied with him, and it was impossible to save him.

As for why Tianqi had changed his mind again and followed the Wei family back to treat him, he couldn’t understand, and he didn’t bother to think about it. He just wanted to get his own roots cured.

Even if it is useless, as long as it stays there neatly, he never wants to lose it…

Youngzheng, who has been in poor health, walked to the door with excitement and exclaimed in excitement, “Quick! Get the genius doctor Tianqi in!”

Barena on the side was incredulous, and blurted, “How could Liang, a wild species, invite Tianqi? He can’t do it at all!”

“Shut up! We don’t care how he does it. It’s a good thing to be able to invite Tianqi.”

Youngzheng gave Barena a stern look, and blurted out a warning: “Don’t talk nonsense later, you will wait until Fredmen is cured!”

Barena was very upset, but he nodded and said yes.

At this time, Liang, together with Tianqi and Charlie, stepped into Wei’s house.

Seeing Tianqi, the rest of the Wei family members were relieved.

Everyone believed that since Tianqi came, the Wei family would be saved!

“Unexpectedly, at the moment of the crisis, it was Liang who turned the tide, which is incredible.”

“It seems that Wei’s Pharmaceutical will be handed over to Liang now!”

With Liang’s sudden eruption, the wind direction of the entire Wei family seemed to change a little.

After all, Youngzheng has said before, whoever can solve this problem, is the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceutical, the owner of the family!

For a moment, everyone’s eyes became strange.

Hearing these people’s comments, Barena’s face turned red and red, and his eyes were full of hatred.

Liang! You wild species, dare to steal my limelight?

And Tianqi, the old immortal thing, when he invited him, he clearly refused, why did Liang invite him, and he came?

At this moment, he saw Charlie.

His face immediately became extremely ugly.

He will never forget the humiliation that Charlie let him face. Forcing him to lick the urinal in the brilliant club!