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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4989 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4989 Start

Charlie’s words made Ito Yuhiko feel that it was not refreshing for him to be so grumpy all the time,

So he said without hesitation: “If I really want to make a wish about myself,”

“It must be my two wishes. It’s a pity that the legs cannot come back again…”

“Okay.” Charlie reached out his hand to interrupt him and smiled:

“The logic of wishing is that you can say whatever you want,”

“As to whether it can be achieved or not, then It’s not something you have to worry about.”

Ito Yuhiko was slightly startled, smiled self-deprecatingly, and then nodded:

“Mr. Wade is right, whether it can be realized or not depends on God.”

Charlie waved his hand indifferently and said: “This kind of thing, God may not intervene.”

“This…” Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help laughing.

He thought to himself, “You made me make a wish so that I don’t have to worry about whether it can be fulfilled,”

“And then you say that God may not intervene, isn’t this blocked already?”

But he didn’t dare to complain to Charlie,

So he could only laugh angrily. Laughing, not sure how to respond.

At this time, Issac came over and said to Charlie,

“Master, the food and beverage department has already arranged the cake,”

“And the cake has been expedited by the best bakery,”

“And it can be delivered within an hour.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded with satisfaction, and said to Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka Koichi:

“Okay, the two of you can go in and prepare for the medicine.”

The two looked at each other and bowed slightly to Charlie in unison.

Immediately, Charlie asked Orvel and the housekeeper of the Ito family to help them into different bathrooms.

Orvel knew the process for a long time, so he brought Tanaka Hiroichi in to prepare.

The housekeeper of the Ito family was still at a loss,

So Charlie followed him and Ito Yuhiko into another bathroom.

After entering, Charlie pointed to the bathtub and said to the housekeeper of the Ito family:

“Later, you will help Mr. Ito take off his clothes and lie in, with only the neck exposed.”

The housekeeper nodded repeatedly: “Okay, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie pointed out again Wearing the shorts and short sleeves prepared on the hanger, and said,

“This is the prepared clothes. After a while, Mr. Ito will change into these clothes and go out.”

Ito Yuhiko glanced and found that the prepared clothes turned out to be a suit Sportswear with short sleeves and shorts,

His expression was a little stunned for a while and at the same time a little depressed.

Since his legs were amputated, Ito Yuhiko has not worn shorts.

He usually wears long pants whether he is at home or going out,

As long as there are other people around him. Just put the body-shaped fillers into the trouser legs,

So that at first glance in the wheelchair, people feel that the limbs are still intact.

However, since it was Charlie’s arrangement, Ito Yuhiko didn’t say much,

So he said to Charlie, “Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie remembered something and said casually, “By the way, Mr. Ito,”

“This place is far from the center of Manhattan. The park is very close, we can go there for a walk before eating.”

“For a walk?” Ito Yuhiko smiled awkwardly and said with some embarrassment:

“Mr. Wade, why do we need to take a walk… In my case,”

“It ‘s really not suitable to go to that kind of public place…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Let’s talk about it later,”

“Mr. Ito goes to lie down first, and I’ll give you medicine later.”

Ito Yuhiko respectfully nodded, and after Charlie left, with the help of the housekeeper,

He took off his clothes and soaked in the bathtub.

Five minutes later.

Charlie walked in again. At this time, Ito Yuhiko was already lying in the bathtub,

And up to his neck, he was buried in the beauty mud.