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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4985 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4985 Start

The family problem that Duncan has been worrying about was finally solved successfully with the help of Stella.

His “sense of family responsibility” and “spirit of dedication” not only made his wife and daughter stop worrying about his disappearance this time,

But also changed his image of being incompetent in their eyes.

It can be said that Duncan’s image in the minds of his wife,

And daughter has been pushed to an unprecedented height.

Wife and daughter surrounded him, his wife’s eyes were red as she cried,

Duncan was excited but also ashamed and at the same time,

He looked at Stella with a little more gratitude that could not be concealed.

Mr. An admired Stella more and more. When everyone else was paying attention to Duncan’s family,

He called Marshal and Marcus aside and said in a low voice,

“Miss Fei will be able to achieve success in the future. In this major event,”

“An family must strengthen cooperation with her in the future,”

“And build bridges and umbrellas for her in the early stage,”

“Which will definitely be of great benefit to An family in the future!”

The two sons nodded in succession.

They can also see that although Stella is only in her twenties,

Her ability to deal with problems and control the situation is very good.

In addition, she is already in charge of the entire Fei family at such a young age, and her future prospects are boundless.

At this time, the old man couldn’t help but sigh:

“It’s a pity that such an excellent little girl does not have boys of the right age in our An family.”

“Otherwise, if the two could marry, it would have been a good story in our world and even in the world.”

Marshal gave a smile: “Speaking of this, there are more girls in our family,”

“And the boys are too young, so they are indeed not of the right age.”

Marcus on the side sighed: “Charlie is the right age…”

“Charlie, ah …” The old man nodded and said to the two:

“Marshal, Marcus, no matter how long I live, you must keep looking for Charlie, and don’t give up.”

“Understood!” Marshal said without hesitation: “Dad, don’t worry,”

“After this period of time, I will personally take charge of finding Charlie’s whereabouts.”

Marcus said with some anxiety: “What I’m most afraid of now is that Charlie has been killing my sister’s enemies.”

“Charlie’s whereabouts are unknown after sister’s accident,”

“And that organization is so powerful that we have been unable to find it.”

“When you arrive at Charlie, will it have something to do with that organization?”

The old man said with a solemn expression: “It’s not impossible what you said,”

“But no matter what, as long as Charlie is still alive, we must find him!”

At this time, Charlie was instructing Orvel and Issac to prepare for the arrival of the Ito family,

And arrange for two luxurious suites at the Shangri-La Hotel.

According to Charlie’s orders, the two poured more than half of the beauty mud into the three bathtubs in the two luxury suites.

These beauty muds were all purchased by Charlie from the beauty agency.

They were not bought to play any practical role.

They were simply to wait for the three of them to arrive,

And let them lie in this mud with zero visibility. Give them Remodeling Pill.

In the evening, Charlie received news from Nanako that,

The special plane they took was about to arrive at JFK Airport in New York.

Since the plane from East Asia to New York has to fly all the way east through the Bering Strait,

And then from the west coast of the United States across the entire territory to the east coast,

But it took off from Tokyo and Roma and Zynn are coming from Aurous Hill.

Nearly 2,000 kilometers away from Tokyo, so will arrive in New York a lot later.

Charlie asked Issac to coordinate the helicopter from Shangri-La,

And after the Ito family landed and cleared customs, they will be taken to Shangri-La as soon as possible.