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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4962 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4962 Start

Thinking of this, Duncan couldn’t help but say

“Is this medicinal pill you mentioned the same thing as the legendary rejuvenation pill?!”

Charlie smiled: “Oh, so you have heard of it. Rejuvenation Pill, did you hear it from my uncle?”

“Your uncle…” Duncan was stunned for a moment,

Then thought of Charlie’s self-introduction when he just woke up,

He suddenly realized and blurted out: “It was indeed Marshal who told me…”

Charlie nodded and asked with a smile, “Since he mentioned Rejuvenation Pill to you,”

“He must have also mentioned that he was participating in auctioning of Rejuvenation Pill.”

“At the meeting, what about being kicked out by the organizer?”

Duncan’s eyes widened, and he blurted out, “How…how do you know?!”

“Of course, I know.” Charlie smiled and said, “Because of the heavy follow-up.”

“Just like the Reshaping pill, the rejuvenation pill is also mine.”

“The organizer behind the auction was me, and at the auction at that time, it was I who had him kicked out.”

Duncan was horrified and blurted out: “You knew. He is your uncle, why did you drive him out?”

Charlie said lightly: “When I drove him out, I didn’t know his real identity, he used a pseudonym at that time.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “However, even if I knew he was my uncle,”

“He would still be kicked out because he broke the rules I set.”

“Before the auction started, I repeatedly emphasized that no matter who shoots Rejuvenation Pill,”

“It must be taken on the spot and must not be taken away from the scene.”

“He wanted to use the money to challenge my rules, so I could only have him kicked out.”

Duncan couldn’t help sighing in a low voice: “So, I’m really not dead?!”

Thinking of this, he asked again: “I have another question,”

“If you are really Margaret’s son, then you know your identity and background,”

“Why haven’t you met your grandparents’ family for so many years?”

Charlie smiled and asked, “What? Are you still questioning my identity?”

Duncan sat up slowly, looked at Charlie, and said seriously:

“I just think this is too strange if you are really that Charlie Wade,”

“The An family has been devoting their whole family and looking for you,”

“It is impossible to find you all the time. I remember that you were only eight years old when you disappeared.”

“No matter how capable you are, it is impossible to avoid the search of the An family at the age of eight… ..”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “They couldn’t find me, not because I hid well,”

“But everyone who wanted to find me went in the wrong direction.”

“Everyone knew that I was missing in Aurous Hill, and they thought I have already left Aurous Hill,”

“But they don’t know, in fact, I have been in Aurous Hill for the next 20 years,”

“Maybe this is the darkness under the lights.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “As for you asked me just now why I didn’t meet my grandparents,”

“The answer is very simple because I don’t want to.”

“Don’t want to?” Duncan frowned, but in his heart, he felt that it was nothing to be surprised that Charlie didn’t want to,

After all, he also listened to it. Marshal said that the old man of the An family was not friendly to Changying,

And it could even be said that he looked down on him a little.

If he was Charlie, the grandfather always looked down on his father, and he probably didn’t want to see him.

At this time, Duncan thought of something again and quickly asked:

“You said just now that you were there when I had an accident,”

“So you should know that your grandparents’ family was also there,”

“And the group of people who killed me should have just run to them, how are they now?!”

Charlie said lightly: “I saved them, and I killed almost all the killers who attacked you.”

Duncan breathed a sigh of relief and asked again: “In An family everyone all right?”

Charlie said casually: “The people surnamed An are all right, but the third aunt committed suicide by taking poison,”

“Because she and those killers were in the same group, and they were all minions of a mysterious organization.”

Duncan asked dumbfounded: “What did you say?! This…how is this possible…”

“Although her family background is far less than that of your grandfather’s family,”

“Her parents are also very strong among Chinese-Americans.”

“As the only daughter of the Dong family, how could she be controlled by a mysterious organization?”

Charlie said lightly, “Even if her family’s net worth is tens of billions of dollars,”

“It is estimated that she is only one of the members of this organization.”

“Even just a chess piece, the power of this organization may be far beyond your imagination.”

After speaking, Charlie paused slightly and said, “This matter is a long story,”

“I say why don’t you change your clothes first, let’s change places, sit down, and have a good chat!”