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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4959 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4959 Start

“What?! You are Changying’s son?! This…how is this possible!”

Hearing Charlie’s self-introduction, Duncan’s expression was extremely horrified!

He clearly remembered his conversation with Marshal not long ago.

At that time, talking about the old man of the An family,

Talking about his sister, Marshal also mentioned his nephew whose life and whereabouts were unknown.

He said that the entire An family moved almost all over the world to find him.

But no matter what methods they tried, nothing could be found about him.

Even though many people believe that he must be dead, but his bones have not been found.

But the An family always felt that he must still be living somewhere in this world, but they just haven’t found him yet.

But Duncan never dreamed that he was resurrected from the dead,

And the first person he saw when he opened his eyes was actually claiming to be Margaret’s son.

This made Duncan, who was a police officer, the first thought, to question first.

So he calmed down and analyzed: “Why do I think, I should be dead? At that time,”

“I remembered that the elevator door had just opened, and a group of black-clothed armed men shot me from the elevator…”

“The gang’s firepower was very fierce, and there was almost no hesitation.”

“Before I lost consciousness, I remember that I was shot at least 20 or 30 times.”

“I was already fcuking dead. Even the reincarnation of gods can’t save me. But here I am alive…”

After speaking, he widened his eyes and blurted out: “Dmn, is this the world after death?!”

Thinking of this, he said without hesitation: “It turns out that this is how people feel after death.”

“The state…is that I have been dreaming and floating in various strange environments…”

“Then what is next? Is it to be reincarnated and enter the next reincarnation?”

Charlie couldn’t help but smile, and said, “I thought you were all materialistic police officers,”

“But I didn’t expect you, a famous detective, to have such a stupid idea.”

After speaking, Charlie raised his voice a few times.

And he said loudly: “Duncan Li, listen carefully, you are not dead, it is I who saved you.”

Duncan looked at Charlie, waved his hand, and said,

“Impossible, absolutely impossible! I said it just now, I was so hit at the time.”

“I had multiple guns shots, I was already dead, and no one can save me…”

“So you must be unreal! I have been a policeman all my life, and I can still understand the logic!”

Charlie said lightly: “Yes, you were shot a lot. I was at the scene at the time,”

“And your internal organs were basically shattered.”

“The body tissue fragments blasted off by bullets from your body,”

“If they were shoveled together and weighed together, at least there must be some three to five kilograms.”

After speaking, Charlie took out his mobile phone,

He found the photo he took by hand from a hidden folder, handed it to Duncan, and said lightly:

“Look, this is what you looked like at the time.”

Duncan took the phone nervously, looked down, and was taken aback by the photo of himself.

He has been handling cases for many years, and he has encountered countless corpses that died tragically.

But he is the only one who can be beaten into a sieve by so many guns at this close range.

Seeing the photo, he was even more puzzled, and blurted out,

“Dmn, I’ve become such a bird. You tell me now, I’m not dead yet?! Do you think I’m so stupid?”

Charlie pointed at the photo Duncan looked down at his dead face and said,

“Come on, take a closer look at your face, do you see anything strange?”

Duncan looked down, seeing his tragic death full of pain and unwillingness,

He blurted out, “What’s so strange about this? Are you trying to ask me why I’m unwilling?”

Then, before Charlie could answer, Duncan said angrily, “Of course, I’m not reconciled!”

“I just found out about my daughter who is pregnant!”

“I was just about to go back and have a good time with them!”

“But, I was killed before I even went out of the stadium. If it was you, would you be willing?”