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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4958 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4958 Start

Duncan felt more and more as if he had fallen into the world framed in the movie “Inception”,

Falling continuously in multiple dreams, and the more he fell, the farther he was from waking up.

Moreover, the more you fall, the more blurred the sense of time is,

As if the time axis is constantly expanding, a day in a coma, under that chaotic sense,

Seems to be no longer a day, not just a year, but a Century or even longer.

What he didn’t know was that in the extremely deep freeze,

Although his brain still maintained its vitality,

It also entered an extremely slow metabolic state due to the extremely low temperature.

Freezing itself is lengthening the timeline of his body.

The human body in this situation is like a piece of meat.

If it is not frozen, it will spoil within three days,

But if it is frozen at a very low temperature, it will not be possible for it to go bad in three years,

Thirty years, or even three hundred years.

It was this infinitely elongated timeline that made his consciousness approach chaos.

Although he opened his eyes at this moment, he still felt as if he was still in that never-ending sleep.

But at this moment, he suddenly heard a man’s voice: “Duncan Li, can you see me now?”

Hearing this voice, Duncan was shocked.

It’s strange that no sound has appeared in his dreams for so long.

Even dreaming of his wife and daughter, or his deceased father,

The picture is like an early pantomime movie with no sound and only pictures.

And this was the first time he heard a voice, a real voice.

However, this voice was very unfamiliar to him.

What’s even more strange is that although the voice is unfamiliar,

There seems to be some indescribable familiarity in the strangeness.

He couldn’t help but murmur in his heart: “I must have… somewhere… heard this voice…”

“It’s just… too long has passed… …. all of a sudden… you can’t recall…”

But at this moment, his vision began to gradually recover.

In front of him, it is no longer a pale bright spot.

He could already see the towering stainless steel tanks, which looked eerie and eerie.

After that, his vision began to become clearer and clearer,

As if the foggy glass in the bathroom was suddenly blown by the hot air of the hair dryer.

At this time, he was surprised to find that he was lying in a pool that was bigger than the bathtub.

And on the edge of the pool, there is a person standing!

He fixed his eyes on him, and suddenly his whole body trembled with fright!

At this moment, a large number of memories that had gone away began to return at the speed of light.

The first memory is when he left the stadium and was about to go to meet his wife and daughter,

But he was attacked by a group of gangsters when he arrived at the elevator entrance.

Immediately afterward, the memory begins to rewind back from this moment.

He remembered his conversation with the An family, the frustration of being forced to retire early,

And many murders including Randal…

Then, he suddenly remembered Charlie’s face.

Immediately, he stared at him in astonishment, and blurted out:

“It’s you! I remember you! You are the staff member next to the female star!”

“What is the name of the female star… Oh right! Sara Gu! It’s Sara!”

“Randal disappeared because of her! I remember it! The day Randal disappeared, you were with that star girl!”

Charlie nodded and smiled, “Yes, it’s me.”

With that said, Charlie snorted and said,

“By the way, let me introduce myself, I’m not a staff member next to Sara,”

“My surname is Wade, and the single name is Charlie.”

“Charlie?” Duncan frowned. Subconsciously, he said,

“Why is this name a little familiar…”

Charlie’s expression froze, and he said loudly,

“You’re familiar with the An family, right? Let me introduce myself to you in-depth,”

“My father’s name is Changying Wade, you should know my mother,”

“She is the eldest daughter of the An family, Margaret An!”