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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4956 Free Novel

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However, none of these staff expected that they would use this simple and rude method to thaw him.

Because Duncan’s whole body is an ice lump of minus two hundred degrees,

The warm water in the pool will be frozen the moment he enters, after cooling down rapidly,

The staff quickly turned on the circulation pump and let the heating device circulate the water in the pool,

To maintain the water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The rough thawing method soon showed great drawbacks.

As soon as Duncan’s skin started to thaw, it immediately began to seep blood,

Like a piece of beef that had just been thawed.

The liquid in the cells began to seep out because of the rupture of the cells,

Which was mixed with blood and body fluids.

The person in charge covered his face in horror and said,

“Miss Fei…this…this is basically irreversible damage…”

Stella was also shocked. But still said calmly:

“Okay, there is nothing more for you, you people can leave now.”

Everyone look at her and looked at each other and in the end,

The person in charge took the lead. He turned his head and said:

“Miss Fei, then we will go out first. If you have any needs, please contact us in time.”

Stella nodded and watched the staff leave the scene one by one.

She was going to call Charlie, but she didn’t think that he had already walked out of the lounge.

She looked at Duncan, who was soaked in a pool of blood, and said nervously to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade… Mr. Li’s situation may not be optimistic…”

Charlie said lightly: “Don’t worry, as long as his brain is fine.”

The reason why Charlie so rudely requested to unfreeze Duncan directly with warm water,

Is in the final analysis because of the indiscriminate repair ability of the Reshaping pill.

For the Reshaping Pill, out of all the organs and tissues of the human body,

Only the brain and the memory in the brain cannot be repaired, and the rest are not a problem.

And Duncan’s brain has always been protected by Charlie’s spiritual energy,

So even if his cells and body are severely damaged during the thawing process, it doesn’t matter at all.

After all, his body has already been beaten into a sieve,

Even if there is more damage, it doesn’t matter,

And it will be directly handed over to Reshaping Pill to solve it together.

If it wasn’t for the concern that the entire frozen center would be filled with the smell of stewed meat,

Charlie would have liked to have someone use 100000000000000000 degrees of boiling water to thaw him quickly.

Unlike now, he had to wait patiently for Duncan to thaw.

About an hour later, the continuous circulation of warm water finally made Duncan’s stiff body gradually warm up.

Stella remembered something at this time, and said quickly,

“Mr. Wade, the blood in Duncan’s body was emptied before freezing,”

“And all of it was replaced with the cryogenic protection solution,”

“This… will have any effect? Do I need to prepare suitable plasma in advance?”

“No.” Charlie waved his hand carelessly and said,

“These are all little things, the next moment is to witness the miracle.”

After speaking, he stepped in front of Duncan, turned on the drain switch of the pool,

Drained all the warm water in the pool, and then took out from his pocket a Reshaping Pill.

He couldn’t help but put the Pill in his hand to look at it for a moment, and sighed in his heart:

“I never dreamed that the most precious medicinal pill I have refined so far,”

“The first one to be rescued, it turned out to be this one that has been kept alive.”

“The one who investigated me, the policeman who wanted to catch me.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that you died because of An family,”

“I really won’t want to waste such a precious medicinal pill on you,”

“Just to help my grandparents. My An family, I give you a favor!”