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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4941 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4941 Start

Charlie saw that it had collapsed into a ball with a diameter of only about five centimeters,

And at an extremely fast speed, the ball would even set the air on fire,

So hot that it emitted a dazzling white light, and the rolling heat waves in the air rushed to the face.

It even caused the wooden furniture and floors in the room to expand,

And burst due to the heat wave, and the wooden floors even arched from the ground!

The huge flow rate of the air in the room has caused a strong tinnitus effect in Charlie’s ears,

And the furnishings in the room have been messed up.

It started to rotate while revolving around the sphere, like a star system.

Charlie suddenly felt that what was in front of him at this time was not a pile of medicinal herbs,

And a pile of debris in the room, but a microcosm.

Ruoli outside the door was startled and wanted to come in to see what happened,

But remembering Charlie’s exhortation, she could only control her impulse and wait anxiously outside the door.

And she could feel the scorching heat in the room through the door,

And the whole door was like a radiator, burning her cheeks.

Just then, she suddenly heard an explosion from inside.

The white ball of light that was constantly spinning and collapsing finally exploded in front of Charlie!

Charlie did not expect that the rapidly spinning white light ball suddenly cracked.

The moment the light ball exploded, the strong airflow in the room seemed to stop abruptly.

Immediately afterward, a pile of medicinal pills with a diameter of about one centimeter,

And a golden yellow body rolled to the ground.

What is even more incredible is that these rolled medicinal pills did not spread out, but all gathered in the middle.

Seeing it, Charlie sighed in relief and quickly held these medicinal pills in his palm.

After counting, he found that these medicinal pills were not too many, they were just 20 pills.

However, he was not too happy at this time.

After all, in order to refine these batches of Reshaping pills, he took in three precious Cultivation pills.

Cultivation Pill can be eaten to replenish spiritual energy, but Reshaping Pill has no effect.

Afterward, he carefully put away the medicine pill, stood up, and walked out.

When Ruoli outside the door saw him come out, she hurried forward to meet him, and asked with concern,

“Mr. Wade, are you alright, I heard a lot of movement inside just now…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I am okay.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “By the way, you can call your sister and ask her to arrange,”

“A private plane now to take off from Aurous Hill to New York.”

Ruoli asked in surprise: ” Mr. Wade, are you going to let Sister Zhiyu come over?”

“No.” Charlie said, “Just let her prepare the plane.”

“After you confirm with her, call your mother and ask her to clean up immediately.”

“After the plane is ready, let her set off for New York.”

“Let mother come too?” Ruoli was suddenly a little surprised.

She couldn’t figure out why Charlie suddenly wanted her mother to come to New York.

After all, he already had a lot of loyalists from the Cataclysmic Front,

And those people were much stronger than his mother. What’s more, her mother is disabled.

Charlie didn’t tell her the specific reason directly, but said seriously:

“Not only do I want your mother to come over, but also your dad to come with her.”

Right now, Zynn is under house arrest in Aurous Hill according to Charlie’s orders,

While the person in charge of taking care of him is Ruoli’s mother, Roma.

Charlie also wanted to fulfill the two of them.

If Zynn could really figure it out and walk with Roma for the second half of his life,

He would also give him a chance because of their many years of stumble.

However, it was naturally impossible for Charlie to say such things,

So he could only create opportunities for the two of them through various means.

Although Ruoli didn’t understand why Charlie suddenly wanted both parents to come to the United States,

She subconsciously thought that he could not disobey Charlie’s orders no matter what,

So she said without thinking, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I will do it now. I will call Sister Zhiyu, and then call mom.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded, and said, “I’m going to go back to the room to make a call.”

After that, he turned back to the bedroom and closed the door.