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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4939 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4939 Start

Other warriors in the microcosm will wait for a few years or even decades,

For the opportunity to let their cultivation level breakthrough another hurdle.

However, in just a few hours, Ruoli broke through two meridians one after another,

And jumped from a three-star warrior to a five-star.

This kind of speed is almost unheard of in the field of martial arts.

She didn’t expect that Charlie could give her such good fortune.

After all, she was able to upgrade from a two-star warrior to a three-star,

And it was because of Charlie’s help, which was equivalent to Charlie’s single-handedly pushing her from two-star to five-star.

Just when she was surprised and happy, and even more moved by Charlie,

Charlie closed the door directly, locked himself in the bedroom, and began to refine the reshape pill.

This kind of favor to Ruoli was just a little effort for him, and he didn’t take it to heart.

Although the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill is consumed very quickly,

It is not too difficult to refine. When the batch at hand is used up,

The next batch can be refined, which is nothing more than consuming some medicinal materials and spiritual energy.

However, for Charlie, refining Reshaping pills is a real challenge.

A reshaping Pill is actually no longer a medicinal pill for ordinary people.

Its significance is not only to allow people’s limbs, internal organs, and six internal organs to regenerate.

Its significance is that as long as the person’s brain is not damaged,

Reshaping Pill can make him alive, and it is completely restored to the original.

At this point, Rejuvenation Pill is far from being able to do.

Take Duncan’s situation as an example, no matter how much Rejuvenation Pill is given to him, he will surely die.

For that kind of comprehensive fatal damage, even the rejuvenation pill could not hold his breath.

Only the reshaping pill, which is not about martial arts, can save him.

Rejuvenation pills can make people go back in time and return to a younger state,

But reshaping pills can make people reborn into nirvana. This is the real magic of it.

The most amazing thing about Reshaping Pill is that it ignores the user’s own strength,

No matter how strong or weak, it can regenerate its nirvana.

Not to mention an ordinary person like Duncan, even an expert in the dark world like Joseph,

In case one day he encounters a strong enemy and is seriously injured,

As long as his brain is not damaged, he can use a Reshaping Pill to save him intact. return him to the pre-death situation.

This is the real value of Reshaping Pill. It is like working insurance with no upper limit.

It can always guarantee that no matter how much loss you encounter, it will pay the full amount.

If you lose 100, it will pay you 100, if you lose 10 billion, it will also pay you 10 billion.

Therefore, once the Reshaping Pill is successfully refined,

It will not only be of great use for Duncan and Yuhiko Ito but also very important insurance for Charlie.

In order to refine the pill, he took out all the medicinal materials he needed from the box,

And placed them in front of him one by one according to his own needs.

Then he took out the bracelet made of phoenix vine from his pocket and used spiritual energy as the Knife,

Cut off about a tenth of it from above.

These are all the materials that Charlie needs to refine and reshape the pill this time.

According to the records in the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures,

These materials should be able to refine about 15 to 20 Reshaping pills.

However, the most uncertain factor is that the reshaping pill consumes too much spiritual energy.

Although Charlie didn’t know how much, he knew that the spiritual energy in his body was definitely not enough.

So, just to be cautious, he took out two very precious Cultivation Pills.

Keep these two Cultivation Pills handy for emergencies.

In case, in the process of alchemy, he finds that the spiritual energy in his body is unsustainable.

He immediately uses the help of Cultivation Pills to replenish his spiritual energy.

When everything was ready, he activated the small piece of phoenix vine with spiritual energy,