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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4938 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4938 Start

Ruoli’s cheeks instantly became flushed,

And Issac and Orvel had a sense of clarity on their faces as if they had realized something.

How could Charlie not see the wretchedness on the faces of these two people,

So he said sternly: “I asked Miss Fei to prepare some medicinal materials for me,”

“And I will make some medicinal herbs tonight,”

“She is among the three of you, the strongest,”

“She will follow me and help me in time in case of any need.”

For Charlie, refining higher-level medicinal pills is a big challenge.

The higher the level of medicinal pills,

The greater the loss of spiritual energy during refining,

And the more dangerous the refining process.

If there is a deviation in the middle, it will fall short in the light, and it will devour his energy too much.

Although Ruoli can’t help with alchemy, she is the strongest among them.

With her there, at least she can help Charlie avoid,

Any external interference as much as possible, which is an extra layer of protection.

The two of them suddenly realized, and then they couldn’t help showing some regretful expressions,

And Ruoli also appeared a little ashamed at this moment of her own thoughts.

Then the four came to the top floor, and Charlie took Ruoli to the presidential suite,

Instructing her to close the doors and windows and the curtains tightly,

And then said to her: “Ruoli, I will be in the main room later.”

“Refining the medicine, don’t let anyone in before I come out.”

Ruoli nodded and asked him, “Mr. Wade, is there anything else I need to do?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “No, no. Just don’t let people come in and disturb me.”

Ruoli said without hesitation: “Okay, Mr. Wade, I am guarding at the door.”

Charlie suddenly remembered something, and asked,

“Ruoli, how does a four-star warrior feel like?”

Ruoli still couldn’t hide her excitement when he mentioned the four-star warrior,

She said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, I have had no time to feel… so far I feel like It’s like a dream…”

“Grandpa waited for a lifetime to become a four-star warrior,”

“But I’m only in my twenties, and I have already reached this state… Really…”

“Really it’s a little unbelievable, I’ve been in a trance all the way,”

“And I may not be able to adapt for a while.”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Since it’s hard to adapt to this time,”

“I’ll save you some trouble right.”

Ruoli asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, what do you mean? I don’t understand…”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “I’ll teach you how to adapt more quickly.”

Then, he said again: “Come on, close your eyes first and take a few deep breaths.”

Ruoli obeyed and did as she was told. Closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

At this time, Charlie urged: “The efficiency of ventilation should be faster,”

“And you can use your mouth to assist breathing.”

Ruoli immediately did as instructed, opened her mouth,

And tried her best to improve the efficiency of exhalation and inhalation.

Suddenly, she felt that something the size of marble was thrown into her mouth.

She opened her eyes subconsciously, and before she had time to speak,

She felt that the thing in her mouth instantly turned into a warm current and quickly merged into her dantian.

She was shocked and couldn’t help looking at Charlie, and asked in horror,

“Mr. Wade…you…Did you give me a pill?!”

Charlie nodded his head, and said lightly: “It’s a blood-scattering and heart-saving pill,”

“This pill can help you quickly break through to five stars,”

“Haven’t you been used to breaking through to four stars,”

“Just adapt to four stars and five stars together.”

Ruoli was stunned for a moment, she never dreamed it would turn out to be such a thing in her life.

Just when she was so overwhelmed that she was so frightened that she didn’t know what to do,

Or even what to say, Charlie said lightly, “I’m going to make medicine, hurry up to absorb and digest the power of the medicine,”

“At most in ten minutes, you will be able to break through the fifth meridian.”

After saying that, before Ruoli could respond,

He turned around with the herbs and went into the bedroom, leaving Ruoli in a motionless and confused state…..