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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4920 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4920 Start

Georgina, Kaiden, and Nathan, the living people, were so frightened that they were crying at this moment,

Especially Georgina, who was trembling with fright, and begged Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, please shoot me to death, I beg you…”

Charlie said lightly: “You are not worthy of death in my hands, such a heinous beast.”

At this time, a Cataclysmic Front soldier walked to her side, grabbed her by the collar,

And dragged her directly into the cell.

At this time, the corpses in the cell were about to pile up into the mountains.

Charlie said to Joseph, “Joseph, find me a lighter.”

Joseph also had the habit of smoking cigars occasionally,

So he took out a cigar lighter from his pocket and handed it to Charlie.

Charlie threw the lighter to Georgina, and said lightly: “You take this lighter,”

“I will have someone lock the cell later, and then have someone pull out all the oil in the fuel tanks of the cars on the ground,”

“And pour it in here, if any of you can’t stand it, you can use this lighter to light the gasoline to free yourself.”

“If you don’t dare to light it, you can also choose to guard these corpses inside and wait for death.”

“Now, how you want to die, it is all your own choice.”

Georgina was so frightened that her whole body was paralyzed in a puddle of mud.

And Nathan, who was being taken into the cell, was so frightened that he burst into tears.

He couldn’t imagine how he would be burned to death by the fire, so he blurted out,

“Mr. Wade, please let us fend for ourselves, don’t give us a lighter.”

“Ah… I’m afraid that none of them can control the fire…”

Carson said almost in a collapsed state: “If you don’t put fire, do you still want to slowly boil to death in her?!”

“Do you know that these corpses will rot and stink tomorrow?”

“At that time, even if we are not smoked to death by the smell,”

“We will be poisoned by the poisonous gas produced by fermentation!”

“Do you want to die in a pool of blood like that?!”

When Nathan heard this, he was so scared that he urinated his pants, the whole person is much more afraid than before.

But fear returned with more fear. In any case, he didn’t dare to talk about telling Charlie not to give out lighters,

Because after hearing Carson’s words, he suddenly felt that fire to solve everything might be the best solution.

Soon, after all the corpses were piled into the cell, the survivors were also locked in.

At this time, they could only stand or collapse next to each other in a small open space,

And behind them was a dense mountain of corpses.

Charlie stepped in front of a few people, looked at their despair and fear, and asked coldly,

“Do you still remember those who were killed by you, what did they look like before they died?!”

Everyone quickly lowered their heads, and didn’t dare to look at Charlie.

And in their minds, the incomparably miserable appearance of all the people,

Who were killed by them before they died unconsciously appeared…

The cause-and-effect cycle and retribution is all saddening.

This group of people exclusively seek benefits by mutilating others,

And it can be said that they are extremely vicious and evil.

Many people’s hands are contaminated, not just one human life, but many human lives.

It is already cheap for them to apologize to them with death.

If there is really reincarnation, then in the next few lifetimes,

They will have to suffer all the hardships in the world before they can reckon with their sins.

Seeing that none of these people dared to talk to him,

Charlie sneered and said to Joseph: “Joseph, let everyone evacuate.”

“Okay!” Joseph nodded and ordered all the others to withdraw from the underground operating room, and then walked out with Charlie.

After going out, the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front drove all the vehicles of the Crazy Juarez members into the yard,

Emptied the fuel tanks one by one, and let the gasoline pour in through the entrance of the underground operating room.

Soon, Georgina and the others, who were squeezed by the mountain of corpses,

Saw a trickle of oil and gasoline flowing down the stairs.

Georgina watched the gasoline getting closer and closer to her,

She couldn’t help but look at the lighter in her hand,

And asked Carson with a blank expression and incomparable dejection: “Old Ma, when do you say we should burn ourselves…”

Carson endured pain, he said, “Don’t do it now. We have to wait for more gasoline.”

“When the fire starts, you will lose consciousness in an instant.”

“If you are slowly burned to death, it must be very painful…”

Nathan remembered something, and suddenly cried and said,

“Uncle Ma… The guys who had their kidneys removed last time were… they were burned to death by gasoline…”

“At that time… I said we should kill them and bury them,”

“But others said… it’s too tiring to dig a hole, it’s better to burn… So we just…just…”

Nathan said this, and he couldn’t help but think back to his mind.

The picture at that time was already a little too frightening.

He didn’t dare to say anything about the situation at the time, he just cried and said, “Uncle Ma… I’m really scared, Uncle Ma…”