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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 492 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 492 Start

After Tianqi finished speaking, he drove people away with a wave of his sleeves.

Barena panicked and begged: “I’m really sorry to perform like that genius doctor. My mistakes are all my fault. I have no complaints if you want to beat or scold me. It’s just that the Wei family has encountered a huge crisis this time. You can’t watch our family. The young and old getting killed?”

Tianqi said coldly: “Sorry, I am not familiar with you, and your family has nothing to do with me. Please leave.”

Upon hearing this, Barena hurriedly snatched the brocade box from Liang and handed it to Tianqi. He respectfully said: “Shi the genius doctor, this is a little bit of my heart, a piece of fine Hetian jade seed material, worth five million. Please accept it!”

However, Tianqi didn’t even look at the so-called Hetian jade seed material. He didn’t even open the brocade box, and said unceremoniously: “Don’t say five million, even if it is fifty million, five hundred million, I will not Take it! You go, you are not welcome here.”

At this moment, Liang, who had been silent on the side, sighed softly, knelt directly on the ground, and begged Tianqi bitterly, “doctor Tianqi, please be merciful and save our Wei family. I will give it to you. Kowtowed.”

Seeing Liang’s pious appearance, Tianqi’s expression was a little slow.

Compared with Barena, Liang is obviously more educated and polite. Compared with his arrogant and conceited brother, it is two extremes.

Barena glared at Liang with dissatisfaction at this time, and cursed in his heart: This [email protected] drama is quite good, and he actually kneels and kowtows in front of him. Maybe he wants to grab his own credit and covet the position of the head of the house. Right?

Thinking of this, Barena kicked Liang away and cursed: “You are an illegitimate child, what qualifications do you have to kneel on behalf of the Wei family? If you want to kneel on behalf of the Wei family, it is me who is the heir of the Wei family!”

Liang was kicked to the ground, but he dared not say a word of complaint. He hurriedly got up, patted the dirt on his body, and stood aside humbly.

At this time, Barena knelt on his knees and begged: “Shi the genius doctor, Fredmen, you should know that his illness was not cured by our Wei family, but it was aggravated seriously. Now his place is about to rot. He threatened to destroy our family, and now only you can save our life.”

Tianqi had known their purpose for coming to him for a long time, and he refused again without hesitation: “Let me go and save Fredmen? I tell you, it is absolutely impossible! Neither you nor Fredmen have repeatedly disrespected Mr. Wade? So even if you said that the sky is falling into your house, I can’t make a move.”

After finishing speaking, Tianqi coldly said to his buddy: “Okay, get them out of here!”

Immediately afterwards, Tianqi didn’t look back, turned around and walked towards the Clinic, without wavering at all.

Although it is said that the healer’s parental heart, the good heart should not be imposed on the wicked.

The guy immediately pushed Barena and Liang out: “If the two of you block the mouth of our the Clinic again, I will have to call the police.”

Standing at the gate of the Clinic, Barena looked very ugly.

Apart from Tianqi, Aurous Hill certainly has no more powerful genius doctor who can cure Fredmen’s fester.

As a result, as Fredmen’s fester became more and more serious, the entire Wei family would also completely lose hope.

At this time, Liang asked in a low voice, “Big Brother, what should we do now?”

Barena glanced at him in disgust, slapped him up, and cursed: “Liang, how many times have I told you, don’t call me big brother, you wild species, you are not worthy at all!”

After that, Barena looked at him contemptuously, and said coldly: “I’m going to find someone else to find a way, you can go back by yourself!”

As Barena spoke, he got into his luxury car and walked away.

Liang stood there for a moment, with anger and unwillingness in his eyes.

He stretched his hand into his arms, touched something that had been hidden in his arms for more than ten years, as if he had made some decision, secretly gritted his teeth, turned around and entered Clinic…