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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 491 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 491 Start

At this time, Barena and Liang were being stopped by the guys from the Clinic.

“Excuse me, do you have an appointment?”

The guy looked at Barena very vigilantly.

He hadn’t met Barena, and there were too many messy people who came to Clinic for genius doctors in the past two days, so he didn’t dare to let people in casually.

Barena hurriedly said: “Hello little brother, I am Barena, the eldest master of the Wei family. Please inform the genius doctor Tianqi that there were many offenses at the traditional medicine Expo. I came here today to apologize and ask the genius doctor Tianqi to give him an apology. An opportunity to apologize in person.”

The man said coldly: “The genius doctor Tianqi said, those who have not made an appointment will not see him, so please go out quickly!”

“Please be polite to me, I am also the eldest master of the Wei family anyway, I will tell…”

“Sorry, we at the Clinic doesn’t know any Wei family, so you should go out quickly, otherwise I will call someone!”

The guy still didn’t give up, and didn’t give Barena any face, and directly pushed him out.

“Don’t, little brother, if you have something to say…” Barena immediately panicked when he saw this.

He came here today to beg Tianqi to take action and save Fredmen.

If Fredmen’s roots really festered to the point of amputation, then the Wei family would be really miserable.

In the eyes of the Wei family, Tianqi is probably the only one who can save Fredmen now.

Not to mention the extravagant hope that Tianqi completely cure Fredmen, as long as he can cure his fester, the Wei family can be considered to have escaped the disaster.

Therefore, he placed most of his hopes on Fredmen.

If this were to let his father know that he hadn’t even seen Tianqi’s face, he would definitely be furious.

Liang, the illegitimate son of the Wei family, stood by just watching, not daring to speak.

This time his father Youngzheng said that whoever can solve this crisis can become the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceutical, so the first thing he thought of was to ask Tianqi for help.

However, he didn’t expect his brother Barena to have the same idea, so he could only be a follower and follow Barena.

Barena wanted to see Tianqi as soon as possible, so he shouted into the Clinic: “Mr. Shi, we have a life-saving thing to look for you, please let us in!”

The dude was also angry: “I said that he won’t see you without an appointment. Are you not too shameless to shout like this!”

At this time, Tianqi had ended the call with Charlie and stepped out.

Walking to the door, seeing the two brothers of the Wei family, Tianqi said coldly: “Why are you two making trouble in my Clinic?”

Seeing Tianqi coming out, Barena pushed the guy aside and said quickly: “Genius doctor Tianqi, I am Barena from the Wei family. This time I am looking for your help!”

Tianqi’s expression was a little bit sullen, and he said, “I remember you. On the day of the traditional medicine Expo, you were disrespectful to Mr. Wade, and now you dare to come to me to make trouble?”

Barena hurriedly begged: “Don’t get me wrong. On the day of the traditional medicine Expo, I was also confused and offended Charlie for a while. Please also ask you not to remember the villain and forgive me this time.”

“Impossible.” Tianqi said coldly: “Mr. Wade is kind to me. You offend him, it is more serious than offending me, so no matter what you ask me to do for you, I will not agree, please go back.”