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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 49 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 49 Start

Charlie didn’t get angry and laughed, and asked him, “If you sell this car, how much can you get?”

The other party said contemptuously: “I can raise ten thousand!”

Charlie nodded: “Very well, you lost ten thousand.”

After speaking, Charlie turned and went out.

He met the manager of this store coming in, and the name of the sales manager: Whibe was written on the other’s badge.

So Charlie asked him: “Are you the person in charge here?”

“Yes.” Whibe nodded, “What are your needs?”

Charlie pointed to the sales just now and said to him: “You’d better turn that sale off. As long as he is here, it will only delay the business of your 4s store.”

When the man heard this, he rushed over and said, “Manager Whibe, don’t listen to his nonsense, this man is sick! He just came to use the air-conditioning wire!”

Charlie smiled and said, “If I am rag, just wait and see.”

After speaking, he immediately went out and went directly to the BMW showroom next door.

As soon as he arrived at the BMW store, Charlie saw one of the most luxurious BMW 760. This is the top accessory of the BMW 7 Series. It is the most expensive model of BMW.

The BMW 760 has a 12-cylinder engine, which is extremely powerful, and the interior is a luxurious mess.

He is also a little angry, don’t these Audi idiots look down on him? OK, then I will buy a top-fitting BMW for you to see.

Anyway, the Lord has money!

So he directly greeted a BMW salesperson and asked: “This 760, can I just take it away?”

The other girl was stunned: “Brother, this car has just arrived in the showroom today. Are you sure you want to buy it?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded: “I’m sure, take me to swipe the card!”

“Ah? This car is 2.6 million!” The other party was utterly dumbfounded.

She’s been selling cars for a long time and has never seen a customer who comes in and asks for a card swipe without saying anything.

Isn’t this elder brother here to amuse himself?

Charlie smiled and said: “I know, I see the price, you just say you sell it or not!”

“Sell, sell, of course,” the little girl said happily: “Then please!”

Immediately afterward, under the leadership of the other party, Charlie swiped his card, paid, and picked up the car in one go.

When the 2.6 million BMW 760 came out, the people in the Audi store looked stupid.

Charlie drove the BMW 760 directly to the entrance of the Audi store, then opened the trunk and put his electric bike in, and then he drove away in a big way.

The shopping guide who looked down on Charlie was stunned. The Manager Whibe next to him said with a cold face: “Go to the HR and collect your dues, you are fired!”



The employees in other Audi stores were also scared silly. d*mn, no one would have thought that the person riding an electric bike was so arrogant, with a car of more than 2.6 million, and he would buy it!

The shopping guide who despised Charlie was even more regretful. Not only did he miss a major customer, missed tens of thousands of commissions, but also lost his job. If he had known this way, he would not look down upon others.

Here, when Charlie drove the BMW 760 out, he felt a little impulsive just now.

He didn’t feel sorry for the money, but the car was too expensive. How could he explain it to Claire?

Two million six hundred thousand, it can’t fall from the sky?